Bracelet for Love




Introduction: Bracelet for Love

A beautiful bracelet in just 5 minute without much tools.

Things required some soldering wire.

Thickness:- just make sure the wire is not thine or it might break while making one.

Step 1: How to Make It.

Take you soldering wire and make a small loop to start with.
Now start rotating wire around the loop and stop after 2 loops.
Leave some space and repeat it again.

Do it again
and again
and again until you get the perfect number of loops.

Step 2: How to Wear It.

Make a small loop at one end and a u shape round at other end.

Step 3: Some More!!

You can come up with some interesting designs!!!

Step 4: Make It Perfect.

Not able to make a flat bracelet.
Here's a tip to make it perfect

Take a scale and press it on the bracelet to make it flat.



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