Braided Princess Crown or Necklace From Flowers.





Introduction: Braided Princess Crown or Necklace From Flowers.

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The beauty of this instructable is it is totally free, you don't need any other supplies but flowers, and it's just tricky and unique enough that you will stand out as amazing.  Little girls just freak out when you make these, just be prepared that if you make one in a crowd, you will have tons of puppy dog eyes begging you to make more.

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Step 1: What Do I Need?

As I said in the intro, all you need are flowers.  Most of the time I just pick clover from a park or soccer field.  (its everywhere where I live).  This is the first time I have incorporated flowers that were not weeds as well.  I have made them from dandelions (because little girls don't care) but I sneeze a lot after so I avoid them now.  They need to have stems at least about 3 inches long.  The amount required varies with how big a head it is being made for and how dense you want the flowers to be. You can also get the receiver of the crown to help pick them. I only ended up using about half the clover in this picture.

Step 2: How Do I Start the Braid?

Start with three flowers and begin to braid them leaving the flower heads at different lengths.  the heads normally keep the braid from unravelleling at the top.  As you approach the end of a stem (or anytime you want to add more flowers) just lay a new flower into the braid and run the old and new stem through the braid together until the old stem runs out.  You can trim the stems with your finger nails but I suggest at least three turns or braids of overlap.  You don't want it falling apart too easy.

If you are not sure how to braid:

Step 3: Can I Make It Even Better?

This step is not required but if you can make a pattern of different types of flowers, all the better.

Step 4: When Do I Stop?

the length you are going to make this depends on whether it is a necklace or a crown and the size of the head it goes on.  I just eye it up.

Step 5: How Do I Stop?

This is the trickiest part, but once you have done it 2 or 3 times it is easy.  You need to take the stem ends you have and weave them into the starting end of the crown.  Pick one stem at a time and follow one of the stems at the start, tucking it through all the holes the starting stem goes through.  When done right, you will not be able to tell where the splice is.

Step 6: Now What Do I Do With It?

Find a deserving little girl who would like to be a princess and watch her smile!

The whole process takes about 10 minutes.  The smiles last the rest of the day.

Thanks for reading!



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    17 Discussions

    my grand'ma used to do this every summer , and now i can try it with my little princesses ! thanks you so much !

    Beautiful Instructable. I just got out of work late and missed my "daughter time", time to go outside and do some weed picking... Thanks for posting it! Ken

    this is really cool, i'm going to camp tomorrow (i'll be surrounded by flowers :]) so i'll definitely try this :]

    Outstanding! My granddaughters are gonna love these... ...and nicely photgraphed, too, but how were you holding the camera - in your mouth?!?

    1 reply

    Thanks A tripod was set up between the table and the chair I was sitting in. I had one arm around each side of the tripod and I was looking at the camera display.

    What an adorable little princess you have modeling for you! I am going to send this to a friend who has a sweet little granddaughter. She will love this!! Thanks for posting this.

    Perfect - our Great Granddaughter's 5th birthday is coming up - I'll be sure to make her one!

    Simple, easy, requires no money and makes a princess smile. It doesn't get any better. Thank you!

    Very excellent Instructable! Just FYI, in certain environments, these can make you popular with more than just the preteen girl set. For example, at a Summer Solstice festival, the teen and post-teen women tend to like wearing them very much too. And quite a few of the guys as well. Just saying....

    We did these with clover that grew on the playground at school when I was in second grade in 1954. Thanks for the memory.

    as a ruler of a small country, i must wear these. with my toga.

    Excellent instructions! It's a skill all adults should probably have. ;)
    I'm going to give it a try.

    when i was 5 my aunt made one for me. im happy. Thankyou!

    This is wonderful, thank you! My wife and I do not have kids, but we do have nieces and neighbors and all of their friends aplenty. I'll show her this and the girls will love it!