What to do with those empty draught kegs!

You will need :
angle grinder
(brand removed) draught keg

Step 1: Purchase (brand Removed) Draught Keg and Enjoy Contents

this step can be completed with friends if so desired
check out my 15 gal. Anheuser-Busch keg trash can. worked out pretty nice same size as my old trash can but 28 pounds empty and can't break when dropped . kills my back to lift it dumpster hight to empty ;)
a lot of crying about a lot of assumptions . nothing you have to say has anything to do with his instructable ...... and nobody said i bought a keg and didnt return it . i found it in my neighbours trash half full of mold and now its a trash can
yeah but where can you buy a keg? the deposit doesn't cover the cost so that is stealing. I think they are over a hundred each in real life
Actually the deposit does cover the cost of the keg. Why else do you think they charge a deposit? try it sometime, just don't return it. You won't get a phone call.
I'd argue the deposit DOESN'T cover the cost-Kegs cost around 150.00 USD. They charge you a deposit to incentivize bringing it back. Now if they gave you 10.00 towards your next keg + your deposit I’m sure they would have more returned. :-) Unless you've paid that for a deposit I'd agree with chippy. Please obtain any kegs legally! My Source: http://disqus.com/forums/portfoliocom/scrap_on_tap_first_draft_portfoliocom/trackback/
EXACTLY - just peruse any home brewing forum or book for evidence. the deposit is an incentive ONLY! keeping the keg is STEALING and should at least be mentioned in the instructable!
sweet, wish i could get my hands on one of those<br />
Actually, these may have a deposit on them... but in the US it's the same as a regular can. Varies from state to state, but never more than $0.10 (more often just a nickel) no way are they getting these back for a dime!!! Great use for the mini keg! let's come up with more ideas!
In Massachusetts, 64 oz Growlers have a whopping $1.50 deposit!
i got one of these in my shop, great for scrap metal...just watch out for the burrs on the edge
But, but, but; now you can't return it for the deposit money!
I do believe that this is a consumer keg (my name for them) and bacically a 12 pack in a barrel... there is no deposit you buy them from the supermarket and then recycle when done. great use and +1
Beer at the supermarket, what a concept!<br/><br/> In Ontario, there's now a deposit (or recycling incentive) on <em>all</em> alcoholic beverage containers. Consumer kegs (or &quot;Bubbas&quot;) are worth a whole shiny quarter, which is, I admit, a pretty good price for a waste-basket.<br/> The idea also has merit in it's smallness, relative to other wastebaskets, which might encourage people to throw out less stuff.<br/>
I think you're right...I've seen them at gas stations, too.
i made a flower pot out of a coors light one.
same basic principle then
Damn, I must lack imagination. All I made out of mine was a place to store loose change. :-)

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