Bread Clip Stinger





Introduction: Bread Clip Stinger

this is someting that actually hurts when you flick it at someone. its pretty much a bread clip that is flung off your finger and it flies.

(note, this is my first instructable)

Step 1: Breaking the Bread Clip

there are two ways of doing this instrucable, they are basicly the same exept for break of the clip.

take the clip and hold it firmly on both of the sides with both of your hands and break the bread clip in half.
the other way is to just break one leaf of the clip of and in the end will look like 3/4 of a clip.

Step 2: Shooting the Bread Clip

first you insert the clips tie(part that holds the bag) under neith your middle finger's [like in the picture].
this may take a few trys untill you get the hang of it.

this really hurts if you hit someone point blank on bare skin. i get my bread tie's at "fred Meyer" but you can use from any other store aswell.



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    If you want to talk flickers email me at, I used to be the flicker kingpin. I'd like to revive the movement.

    This is my favorite flicker shot of all-time:

    Ralf Walter and I were coming out of a movie theater, when Pulp Fiction first came out. As we are about to get to the exit Ralf fires a shot at this guy, who is wearing glasses, that is about three feet ahead and to the right of us. It is hard to imagine where he hit him, but try to follow. The flicker hit the guy in the inside of his glasses, ricocheting into his eye, finally hitting the floor. He screams and grabs his eye, while his companions ask him what is wrong. While holding in our laughter, Ralf and I quickly got of the theater and ran to the alley behind the theater. We proceded to laugh our asses off; I can't remember laughing harder in my life. I think this is the greatest shot of all-time.

    This is one of the greatest poems ever written:

    Flickers (A Poem)
    By Adam Hammelman

    Flickers, orange things, plastic tabs,
    Shooting them isn't bad,
    I like to shoot them at people's heads,
    They get pissed off and want me dead.
    Look on the floor and you will find some,
    Fire it and you will hear it hum.
    All teachers hate them, they think they hurt,
    They really don't if you get hit in the shirt.
    When they fall they make a lovely sound,
    I fire them by the pound.
    When principals hear it they're on my sac,
    So I fire a warning for them to step back.
    I recycle them everywhere I go,
    Because I got skills like a mo fo.

    does not work because mine is weird it has a spike in indented part

    are you the magical dragon slayer?

    Do You Thump it with your thumb?

    If you only break One of them tips off "not break it in half" the thing flys ALOt better, farther

    yea it sure does but if you dont have that many you can still just break them and half and you have 2... it should be eligal to have as many clips as that... burgler lol you should have a shooting contest? or just have a fight with some freids...?

    Ha, my most favorite. Me and my buddy ever sences elemtry we have been flicking these "we call them flickers" yea i have a about 5000 of them iv been collecting, they can fly extremly far


    hey guys hope you like my instructable its my first one!