Hi, I will share tips on how to make it easy to connect cables from Amphenol AVRdopper to the breadboard, as a bonus there are also LED w / resistor that is easily mounted on a breadboard.
Thank you

Part List :
- 5 pin male header x 2
- 5x2 pin male header x 1
- 2 pin male header x 2
- trainer PCB board x 1
- 3mm LED x 2
- 220 resistor x 2

1. cutt the trainer PCB board what you need
2. solder them (pin header, LED, resistor, etc.)
3. finish :)
<p>Just a note to let you know I have added this ( a year ago ) to the instructable:</p><p> Comprehensive Guide to Electronic Breadboards: A Meta Instructable</p><p>&gt;&gt; <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Comprehensive-Guide-to-Electronic-Breadboards-A-Me/" rel="nofollow"> https://www.instructables.com/id/Comprehensive-Gui...</a></p><p>Take a look at a bunch of ideas for using breadboards.</p>
Double row header connectors are a pain to deal with on breadboards. Your method offers some advantages. <br> <br>Your LED takes up too much breadboard space. Just trim one LED lead shorter, then solder a resistor inline with it. When I want to get fancy I heatshrink wrap the leads. Color coded positive and negative of course!
You don't have to color code. It's easy to look inside the &quot;dome&quot; of the LED. There are two pieces of metal in there, and the bigger one is negative.
to provide a color code on the breadboard I do not think it possible, maybe is a bit inconvenient. I think to find a negative or positive can use the method as described by 4lifenerdfigter.

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