Picture of break action shot gun
people have been saying that they want to see a break-action shotgun........... so........... here's one.

true trigger, fairly powerfull and has the look too.

Fires 2 or 3 white rods, 2 give best preformance. enjoy, and i hope you comment soon.
Please rate aswell ;D

Step 1: Barrle and trigger

Picture of barrle and trigger
this is just the barrle and trigger, pretty simple. in the tigger, the blackish part covered up by the barrle is a black ball joint connecter
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ShotPain7 years ago
Great Trigger but may i ask, why is there a scope on a shotgun?...
Flie-Ing GOOse (author)  ShotPain7 years ago
lots of shotguns do have a scope, search shotguns and u will see
the only reason that shotguns have scopes is if you're firing a slug from it, then it is reffered to as a slug-gun
firing a slug from a gun... now i've heard everything lol
By slug he means a solid round, not a slimy slug. And i dont think shotguns should have scopes anyway. Especially with burst, like this one.
thats wat it gets for eating the cabbages lol
What did he mean by "slug" anyway
A slug is a giant, lead shotgun round.
Yeah, what he said
They use it for deer hunting, caus it would blow a squerrel apart!
2-Bore Frag-12.
Speaking of squirell has any1 tried the Walkers cajun squirell crisps? (they're quite nice but I dont know which 1 im goin to vote for...probably duck and hoi-sin)
If u are american then I dont think they sell them in America. I am english, they sell them here. Basically they have 5 new flavours of crisps that people have chosen and you can vote for the one you want them to put into production. The flavours are Cajun squirell, duck and hoi-sin builders breakfast, fish and chips and Chilli and chocolate (soz for the essay lol)
weird flavours arn't they like builders brekfast
Buillders breakfast isnt that nice tho..... Squirell is -_-
it just tastes like egg lol
yh disgustin
118118 J4mm3r56 years ago
builders breakfast won! (how?)
J4mm3r5 1181186 years ago
It did? (cracks knuckles threataningly) Stupid people of England :( I blame swine flu
118118 J4mm3r56 years ago
J4mm3r5 1181186 years ago
Damn Mexican Pigs
builders breakfast is really nice.
(throws up)
118118 J4mm3r56 years ago
you missed out onion baji i like fish 'n' chips
J4mm3r5 1181186 years ago
go down the page a bit....I think that onion Bhaji and cajun squirell are the best...i still havent voted yet though
Ya i'm american.
yep I guessed cos u hadnt heard of them. Also, i missed one out: Onion Bhaji.
Maybe they will have them here soon.
Maybe (Im eating Fish and chip ones right now lol)
Shep. J4mm3r56 years ago
J4mm3r5 Shep.6 years ago
I voted for duck and hoi-sin I like squirell as well tho...
Bari0 J4mm3r56 years ago
ya know, u cant beat duck :P u gotta thank the chinese for that xD (me chinese me wooped u xD)
J4mm3r5 Bari06 years ago
YAY (?)
Shep. Shep.6 years ago
The squirrel is nice too :D
Have you ever heard of someone spontaneously combusting while eating a karphlarg?
No, but I have heard tell of spontaneous combustion while consuming a Babaganush.
lol i guess not anyway what is a karphlarg (i know what spontaneously combusting is though)
I don't know its a made up word.
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