this is the break action rifle. its originally from youngcookieboy but he deleted his profile.

Parts list:

yellow: 24
red: 15
grey: 20 (1 for ammo)
white: 26
blue: 10
orange: 52
green: 9

white: 28
red: 5 (including ammo)
yellow: 6
blue: 37
grey: 1
green: 104

y connectors: 17
tan connectors: 7
blue sorta tan connectors: 1
ball joints:3
ball sockets: 4

rubber bands:
2 thick and one small band

Step 1: The Stock

Step 2: The Handle

Step 3: The Barrel (1)

Step 4: The Barrel (2)

Step 5: Attach the Barrel

Step 6: The Breakaction Mech

Step 7: Barrel Connected to the Handle

Step 8: The Barrel (3)

Step 9: Connecting Barrel,stock,handle

Step 10: Trigger

Step 11: Somthing to Make It Close

Step 12: Attach Trigger and Break Action Mech

Step 13: Other Things

Step 14: Bullets and Ramrod

Step 15: Rubber Bands and Stuff

Step 16: Loading It!!

green rods 104
thanks :-)
Would you recommend this gun, how far does it shoot and is it reliable? <br>lot of questions lol.
Can you show us pictures of the break action next to loaded?
what do you mean? i dont get your question <br>
You are calling this a break action rifle, I'd like to see pictures of it open and closed.
ohh now i get it
here are some pics <br>
Haha, Suske en Wiske ;p

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