Step 2: put some vinagar in the cap.

just a little
does this work for gel markers & glitter pens? i haven't used mine for over a year & all of them won't work...they have lots of gel
<p>I haven't tried this yet but I have the same problem you do &amp; found this website. http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_7830903_fix-dried-out-gel-pens.html </p>
<p>I dipped the sharpie tip in the vinegar. At first it didn't help at all. I dipped it again. Still no help. Then I decided to close the cap and let it stay like that for a while. After waiting 10 minutes or less, the marker worked perfectly! Thanks!</p>
<p>Does this work on Copic markers? Do you know?</p>
<p>I just tried the one drop of vinegar on the tip method...Didn't work...Probably because the vinegar didn't penetrate the dried sharpie tip very well...</p><p>I'm now soaking the tip of the sharpie in a cap full of vinegar...</p>
<p>I never post to thank someone, but this tip is awesome! You made it easy and best of all, it really really really worked!!! I brought an old calligraphy marker back to life. Thanks!</p>
<p>I hate it when my ink is deluded!</p>
Water base markers come right back to life if you use a hypodermic needle to inject water into them. I have revived thousands of them that way. They have to be the fat tip markers. I stick the needle down in the tip and inject slowly. If you go too fast it overflows. You have to allow air to escape as you put a little in. Still trying to learn how to do Sharpies and dry erase markers. Also- glue sticks puzzle me. Would love to know how to make a glue stick refillable!
Good hint
didnt work at all,,it just made my marker worse :/
i tried this with a few dead markers i had but they never came back to life. am i doing something wrong?
well if theres no ink then your S.O.L buddy..<br/>this is for dried out markers.. =]<br/>
ok maybe that's why it didn't work. thanks for clearing that up for me.
i'll have to try this sometime. Good idea!
Does this work for sharpies and other permanent markers?
certainly! it should work with all markers and marker types.. i appreciate the feedback!
Awesome job! Smart, I will do this next time probably. (added to favorites)

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