have you ever left a marker out and realized it, when it was already too late? heres a simple quick fix on how to bring it back to life!
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Step 1: Get your materials.

Picture of get your materials.
all you need is

1. dried out marker
2. wooden stick (optional)
3. mini baster thing... (optional)
4. white vinegar

the stick or the baster are to get a specific drop of white vinegar you don't want too much because that could delude the ink...

Step 2: Put some vinagar in the cap.

Picture of put some vinagar in the cap.
just a little

Step 3: Get a drop

Picture of get a drop
i used the dowel because i didn't want to break a sterile pack.. hehe.. so go ahead and be my guest if you want to use a dropper. all you need is one drop and put it on the dry felt tip..

Step 4: Rejoice!!!!!

Picture of rejoice!!!!!
this is your finished product! its works awesome..

if you need help or tips.. or something wasn't clear just tell me.. glad to help!!
monsterhighw6 months ago

Does this work on Copic markers? Do you know?