Picture of bristle bot
photo-19-02-13 17:46.jpg
make a cool bristle bot what you need:
-tape -cardboard
-a bristle
-a motor (from a old printer)
-a 9 volt battery
-a battery clip

Step 1: The body

Picture of the body
photo-19-02-13 17:46.jpg
what you need for the body.
.carboard piece
.the bristle

you take the cardboard and you fold it on the bristle.
than you yust glu it together.
patbking2 years ago
Nice I like it
maximaal (author) 2 years ago
I am working on a instructable with all my vibro bots
maximaal (author)  maximaal2 years ago
and a good video of them all and how you make them
ynze2 years ago
A video, a video, please please give us a video :-)