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Introduction: Broiled Grapefruit Recipe

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If you've never tried broiled grapefruit before, you should absolutely give it a try! I love eating grapefruit with breakfast but it's nice to switch it up sometimes and get a little fancy. :D

I use brown sugar on top of my broiled grapefruit, but you can really use whatever type of sugar you like!

Plus, with winter and grapefruit season coming up, it's a great time to try it. You'll be able to eat amazing grapefruit and heat up the house slightly in the morning, which mine always needs!

Step 1: Ingredients + Tools


  • grapefruits
  • 1/2 - 1 tablespoon of brown sugar per grapefruit half

If you're not a huge fan of brown sugar, you can also use honey, white sugar or raw sugar. I just really love the flavor of the brown sugar with the grapefruit.


  • oven broiler set to high
  • rimmed baking sheet
  • parchment paper
  • paring knife
  • fancy serrated grapefruit spoon

Step 2: Cut the Grapefruit in Half and Prep It

Cut the grapefruit in half. If the halves don't sit flat on their own, take a really thin slice off the bottom to level them out. :)

Now take a paring knife and cut the segments of the grapefruit away from the membranes that separate them. You can also cut the segments away from the pith if you don't have a serrated spoon - it'll make it easier to eat later.

Step 3: Apply the Sugar and Broil

Sprinkle your sugar all over the top of the grapefruit. I did about a 1/2 tablespoon on each half - if your grapefruit is super sour you may need more.

Once the grapefruits are prepped, move a rack in your oven so it sits about six inches from the broiler. Preheat the broiler on high for a couple minutes and then slide the sheet tray into the oven so the grapefruit is directly below the broiler.

Broil for 4-8 minutes - take them as far as you like! I did 5 minutes - enough to slightly char the edges and melt the sugar and caramelize it slightly. :)

Stay right by the oven the whole time - if the house is really cold I'll even leave the oven door open and just hang out by it. They can go from tasty to burnt fast!

I normally pull my tray out of the oven and let it sit on a cooling rack for a couple minutes before serving since they are so hot!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Once the broiled grapefruit has cooled slightly you are good to eat! I think you'll really enjoy this - it's a lovely winter breakfast if you pair it with some oatmeal or toast. :)



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    Can't wait to try it, gf are my favorite citrus. Thanks

    I was told you do not need to leave oven open for broiler anymore, I am not sure why we used to do that.

    In the 80's we used to pop it in the microwave with brown sugar, yum

    Now I microwave and enjoy a sweet grapefruit without the sugar.

    Thanks also for reminder some medications do not fare well with grapefruit.

    Lol. I thought this said boiled grapefruit which sounded a bit weird and then I realised it wasn't boiled at all. I had to look up what broiling meant as I've never heard of it. Sounds yummy though; I'll try that next season.

    6 replies

    Me too, I thought it was a spelling mistake. I'm guessing that we have it here in England but call it something else, though the only thing I can do in my oven is roast. Can you enlighten the folk from the old country Jess

    I think in the UK you say "grill" instead of "broil".

    I don't live in the UK. None of the five countries I've lived in use the term broil; i think it might the the USA only. Prehaps it's a bit
    like inches and pounds; no one has the faintest idea what they are

    "Broil" is commonly used in Canada also, but it seems to be a north american word. Here, when we say "broil", we mean "put the food in the oven under a red hot upper heating element".

    Ah, now I know what pounds and inches are, I was born a baby boomer just after WWII in England and we used both measures then, it's only since we joined the EU that we went metric.

    Thanks, yes grill would make sense.

    My objective today is not to wound but to inform: grapefruit due to its composition can be toxic to certain types of people who ingest consistent but persistent medications to make their bodies function as normally as possible. For instance, all citrus fruits,( other fruits, too) as you most likely know, are created with a specific formula of fruit acid, eg oranges....citric acid; apples.....tartaric acid.....which can influence the pH of the stomach contents which contains small amounts of Hydrochloric Acid (dilution, I cannot recall) which is used to breakdown your foods....proteins and fats most likely. By increasing the pH by ingesting grapefruit, it affects your medications and cause problems with the homeostatis of your body. There was published in a research article about 3-4 years ago in a Scientific magazine.... maybe Science or Scientific American, careful when you eat grapefruit. My husband had a undiagnosed aorta aneurysm and it stimulated a severe reaction and he died before he got to the hospital......internal bleeding near the wall of the stomach. Consider investigating the scientific info online.

    2 replies

    Certainly those on medications for which citrus fruit is contraindicated, should not eat grapefruit (broiled or otherwise). I wanted to mention that stomach acid is responsible to kill the microorganisms that we ingest (like salmonella and e. coli). It also helps to denature proteins, also as you mention.

    Thank you SO MUCH for reminding me!!! I believe there IS a medication I'm taking that states I'm not supposed to eat or drink grapefruit juice while taking it. I had TOTALLY forgotten until you mentioned it. WOW. That could have been a real issue since I'm also an epileptic. I will read the labels on the medications to be sure. Good of you to be of such service to others. And I am deeply sorry for your traumatic loss. My daughter also died very suddenly a little while ago. She was my world. Blessings, love...

    To sweeten Grapefruit, sprinkle with table salt. It is a chemical reaction and your Grapefruit will be sweet. Especially good for Diabetics.

    I'll try this but when broiling don't you always leave the oven door open a bit? When I forget to do this whatever I am cooking is ruined in just a few minutes as the oven gets way too hot.

    When broiling pink grapefruit, it is done, when there are brown edges
    around the pulp. Then it is delicious. It is also good to eat raw with
    sprinkled salt. I use Publix "No Salt" which is pure potassium and it
    works well for me without raising blood pressure.

    Looks Great :D

    I Might actually give grapefruit another try if it's prepared like this !

    Do you find the fruit becomes sweeter or even less bitter from cooking it?

    Yummy! I've heard of savory broiled grapefruit, but not sweet. I'll have to give this a try soon. Do you think it would taste good with honey?

    1 reply

    Yes! I've done orange blossom and clover honey with it. Sometimes you have to use a bit more, but it's really tasty :D