Bronze and Black Toy Dart Gun



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Introduction: Bronze and Black Toy Dart Gun

This is a cheapie toy dart gun I bought at a local dollar store which I took it apart and repainted . Sorry but I have no work in progress pics of it.  This toy gun was a dart-firing pop gun that held three darts but only fired one at a time. I took it apart  and painted, using black spray paint, the three barrels and trigger. The main body I used a special Krylon spray paint made for plastics, in this case a paint called "Hammered Bronze". In the process of taking it apart, I ruined the pop-gun mechanism, but that is unimportant as I had bought it to turn into a prop gun to begin with. The silver and black  details on the side of the body I did by masking off the rest of the body and spray painting first silver, then black.  



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