Brown sloppy joe or the meatballs that fell apart

Picture of brown sloppy joe or the meatballs that fell apart
Not every dish turns out as planned, sometimes they are total failures and inedible other times they can be rescued even if they aren't what was initially intended, that's what happened here and I thought I would share anyway since I was already taking the pics
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Step 1: The idea

Picture of The idea
I had some meat mix left over from I really like the gravy in that dish and thought, why not meatballs? Kind of an interpretation of swedish meatballs. I added a little more ground beef to the mix making about a half pound, I also added in the left over crushed cheese crackers from the salsbury steaks "ible" as well as some steak sauce and worchestershire sauce.

The steak and W sauce are where I think I went wrong and I could have saved the meatballs here IF I had added some more breadcrumbs but I thought the crackers would soak up more juice than they did

Step 2: Brown onion gravy

Picture of brown onion gravy
Unlike the salsbury steak recipe where I used the french onion soup straight from the can, this time I added 2 cans of water to the pot along with a shot of steak sauce and the french onion soup and brought it to a simmer over a medium heat. Once again I browned sliced onions in butter and olive oil, added flour to make a roux and allowed the flour to cook until light golden brown (about 3minutes) stirring constantly. I then added the onions and roux to the hot soup, stirred and allowed to simmer while I browned the meatballs
bajablue3 years ago
I love the way you just roll in the kitchen! ;-D
l8nite (author)  bajablue3 years ago
thank you, cooking isn't as difficult as some people make it seem, even the complicated dishes you can usually fake your way through, not like baking ! You can't fake it in baking ! And to be totally honest.. I was HUNGRY, I wasn't going to start over !