Complete those those things you need to do with a familiar strangely satisfying snap.

Step 1: Materials

bubble wrap (free in the mail!) 
ikea frame ($2.00/pair I think)
something to be a dry erase surface:  dry erase self-adhesive sheets (shown), glossy white plasticky shrinky dink sheets, transparency sheets, glass, something like that (price varies)
cardboard or thin wood for extra backing

hammer and 1 cm hole punch
bubble wrap spacing template (attached pdf)

Update: use a cricut 

I love love love your instructable...
LOL i love it!!!
Pro tip: Laminated paper works as a dry erase sheet. :D
...Any ideas how you'd make something for the bubble wrap to slide into so it's easier to refresh it?
Yeah, that's really what it needs... I don't have any great ideas on that yet. ***thinking***
Double sided tape? Maybe?
I don't think I'd want that, cause that would be too permanent. I have an idea for another one though, which I'm going to post as a new instructable, hopefully soon.
Simple but fantastic!
This is awesome!
This might just be the thing I need to get my children to get their chores done. Makes the work a little more fun.
Awesome! That was kind of my intention was to have it be a little motivation enhancer. =)
<p>Neat idea!! I like it!</p>
<p>Ha! This is a great idea. Nice one.</p>
First off-you are ingeeeeeeeeeenious!!! Sadly I am not-no tools or know-how. I was wondering... do you think a hacked dollar store frame might work? Do you think I'd be able to slide a new piece of bubble wrap in as needed?
This is outstanding!
cool, thanks!
what happens when the bubble wrap is all popped? what then? cuz i wanna make one of these but i need to know how to replace the bubble wrap.
it needs an easier way to be refillable, some people in the comments have suggested different ways
as for serviceability this is pretty easy actually.<br><br>use TWO ROWS of bubble wrap.<br><br>have one row under a wood &quot;plate&quot; on the left that is screwed down or otherwise fastened to &quot;squish&quot; that row holding it in place.<br><br>when done you unfasten and replace.
that could work
Velcro the bubble strip to the dry erase board. You lose some coolness but get a more renewable device. I think I can try this with some special ed kids at school to help them complete tasks. Thanks!
This will be PERFECT for my ADD 19 year old son! He has zero tolerance for tedium. I asked him what it would take to make dishwashing fun. &quot;Party hats?&quot; he suggested. But I digress. Knowing that he would NEVER go through a complicated process to replace the bubbles, I have come up with a quick and dirty way to facilitate it. I affix the row of bubbles to a white board with adhesive putty (the kind you get for hanging posters). This makes the strips easy to change, as you don't have to add anything (such as velcro or magnet tape) to the bubbles. Also, he will be able to add and reposition strips to customize his list.
great solution!
Great feeling of satisfaction popping the bubbles after the job's done! Only problem is finding enough jobs to fill the spaces!
This is great! Only problem I see is that popping bubblewrap is a terribly addicting thing. I can see myself popping the whole column long before I get the list done...ooops!
So cool, very fun idea!
The bubble wrap would be easier to change if you cut off the part of this wood-in-place-holder (I don't know how it's called xP) behind it and put some magnets on it and in the frame, so you can pop that part out easily and change the bubble wrap :)
I had this same idea, but for a menu; similar to the way fast food cups have those little buttons you push down. Give someone a menu, and they mark what they want, and they are having fun from the very beginning.<br><br>Again, it seem impractical for now to replace a strip of bubbles every time, but this idea has definite potential.
Like you stated at the end: <br>&quot;A silly idea has been brought to life.&quot; <br> <br>I still find the idea awesome, even though it means a lot of time and effort for only a &quot;silly&quot; thing. <br>There should be an easy way to replace the bubble wrap strip to make it more usable though :-)
agreed. I have something in mind, but it'll need a whole new instructable. :)
. Excellent
That is a totally sweet idea!
I love it!

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