Bug Bite/sting Salve





Introduction: Bug Bite/sting Salve

a very simple way to help reduce the itching and stinging of a bug bite

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Step 1: What You Need

- a bowl or pestle and morter
- a spoon, any size is ok
- water
- a box of baking soda

Step 2: The Mixing Part

1.take 1 heaping spoonfull of the powder and put it in your bowl or pestle and morter

Step 3: #2

2. mix a few drops of water into the powder but not too much! otherwise it will be too watery
also stir the two into a paste, it should look almost like cottage cheese

Step 4: Time to Use It

apply to the bug bite and the baking soda will help draw the toxins out of the bite and make it not itch while the mixture is on the skin. even afterwards if you need to remove the mixture the bite wont be as annoying or itchy. you can always put more of the mixture on if needed. [ im not totaly shure about the toxins part but that is what i have heard ] also freezing this mixture then putting it on the bite also helps



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    Thank you for sharing this simple way of insect bite treatment. My personal favorit is the heat method e.g. http://insektenstichebehandeln.de/riemser-pharma-bite-away-stichheiler-test-erfahrung-vergleich/ You can do this in different effective ways at home.

    i'm a boy scout and this will help me A TON at camps!

    I was told this kind of remedy works very well with bee stings.

    The best thing for bee stings or yellow jacket stings is to break off a small peice of alka seltzer put it on the sting and wet it . Even kids quit crying within 1 minuite .


    indeed it does

    healthy bug spray

    half baby oil
    half dettol disinfectant
    splash tee tree oil or eucalyptus oil

    mix and rub on skin 2 hr re apply

    it will split into dif layers over night so shake b4 use

    PLEASE, if you get bitten by a tick go to the doctor and get antibiotics!!!!! Even if you don't see a rash. Only 50% of people with Lyme have had a rash and if you go Untreated you can get very very sick years later. VERY SICK!!!

    This is a very good article. Thanks for suggesting it. It explains the chemical science of the various bites and stings and how to remedy them.

    And apparently, probably no more effective than any other folk-remedy. Calamine lotion works pretty well for mosquito bites, though.