Picture of bug bite/sting salve
a very simple way to help reduce the itching and stinging of a bug bite

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
- a bowl or pestle and morter
- a spoon, any size is ok
- water
- a box of baking soda
Kzummo3 years ago
i'm a boy scout and this will help me A TON at camps!
GainEnergy3 years ago
I was told this kind of remedy works very well with bee stings.
The best thing for bee stings or yellow jacket stings is to break off a small peice of alka seltzer put it on the sting and wet it . Even kids quit crying within 1 minuite .
d2j5 (author)  GainEnergy3 years ago
indeed it does
17hmr2433 years ago
healthy bug spray

half baby oil
half dettol disinfectant
splash tee tree oil or eucalyptus oil

mix and rub on skin 2 hr re apply

it will split into dif layers over night so shake b4 use
love4pds3 years ago
PLEASE, if you get bitten by a tick go to the doctor and get antibiotics!!!!! Even if you don't see a rash. Only 50% of people with Lyme have had a rash and if you go Untreated you can get very very sick years later. VERY SICK!!!
lemonie6 years ago
Which bugs? This is a classic sting-remedy.

This is a very good article. Thanks for suggesting it. It explains the chemical science of the various bites and stings and how to remedy them.
jeff-o lemonie6 years ago
And apparently, probably no more effective than any other folk-remedy. Calamine lotion works pretty well for mosquito bites, though.
lemonie jeff-o6 years ago
Zinc...sulphate? L
jeff-o lemonie6 years ago
No, apparently a mixture of zinc oxide and iron oxide. No proof that it works, though...
lemonie jeff-o6 years ago
Oh yes oxide, and oil too I think. L
jeff-o lemonie6 years ago
Yep, they're held in suspension along with a few nice-smelling ingredients.
diannagail5 years ago
When I was in Kauai I got in the middle of a jellyfish swarm. I had whelps and stings all over my body where my bathing suit wasn't. I was in real pain and was starting to feel the numbness from the toxin. I was told urine would work but it's harder for a gal to apply directly :). I instead rushed to the store and got some apple cider vinegar and dosed myself. After that I carried a large bottle of cider vinegar in the truck :| It's the acid in the urine that makes it works and it's usually readily available unless you dumped it when you got stung... :(
rimar20006 years ago
There are innumerable substances used to ease pain and/or itching of insect bite: turpentine, urine, vinegar, baking soda, aloe, etc. All are more or less effective, surely that depends on many factors.
 Urine? Ewwwww...
Yes, applying it in situ, obviously. I don't know how good it is, but some people use it.
d2j5 (author)  rimar20006 years ago
why turpintine?
rimar2000 d2j56 years ago
I don't know. An uncle told me that a swarm of wasps stung him, and despair rightly found that the first thing to hand, which was just turpentine, and instantly the pain stopped. These were his words, I never use it for that.
d2j5 (author) 6 years ago
i figured that i might aswell post this because it could be usefull for someone even if it is a classic or folk sting remedy eather way its still usefull. as for what bug stings this is good for mostly mosquitos, hornets .....horseflys....ect anything that stings/bites.
lemonie d2j56 years ago
OK, general-purpose stuff then. L
d2j5 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
pretty much