Picture of build a alternative han solo blaster
when you combine Iamthecreater's blaster tutorial and Honus's han solo's costume what do you get? this tutorial. I first off want to give Honus due respect for his tutorial, I looked through it and was instantly influenced by it, I thought that his blaster was cool and although it looked cool could of used some work. second off I will say this is currently not a finished tutorial so don't be to harsh on the comments...... Please!?!

Step 1: The handle

Picture of the handle
I used piece of lumber for the handle but I'm not sure if this will work out I'm thinking of using a piece of mdf and the make to side pieces so its more of a rounded handle than a flat one. for my design I just looked up some reference pictures on the net. one of the sites that give alternative angles is thedentedhelment.com. But after some study of the gun I was able to draw a 2-d drawing of it to fit MY hand. then for different pieces cut them out of the picture and traced them on the wood used for that specific piece. (as shown with the handle)
j-vega j-vega10 months ago
Lildevil9634 years ago
i hate when people use pics of the actualy thing and u click on it expecting ur gunna learn how to make a really realistic thing and it looks nothing like the origonal
but in this case it wasnt tht bad
mmmmbacon4 years ago
About how long was the gun. And how thick was the wood?
baxxter956 years ago
It's looks mauser
the original prop was a mauser c-96 pistol that was modded a bit.
its also what they used for the red 9 in resident evil 4
No red-9 was a different type of mauser.
I like the way you have overcome functional-fixedness of objects (ie the tip off the direction cone). The buildup is interesting too. I think the scope development was nice also.
Vertigo6667 years ago
Nice job, but if you didn't know, it was based off a Mauser C-98/96/whatever it is, there are airsoft versions that go for like $15.
slimguy379 (author)  Vertigo6667 years ago
yeah I was looking for water pistols (since its the start of summer) for a lugar looking water gun to make my job easier but thanks!!
I think it was nicknamed "the broomhandle" if it helps.
Yes it is.
duck-lemon7 years ago
cool, nice work keep it it.
slimguy379 (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
I will keep it up,and I post my newly done work on this site, thanks