Picture of build a eco-friendly candle
Too much darkness around? This Instructable will show you how to build a eco-friendly dark sucker (A.K.A., a candle, flashlight, fire, pretty much anything that sucks darkness and brings light).
This Instructable is eco-friendly because it is made of the wax on those miniature cheese rolls!
If you want to see a video, it is on the last step.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
a cheese roll (1, but if you want a bigger candle...)
string (a couple inches) I used this twine like stuff- you might have to experiment with different types
something to burn the candle on (1) a tile works well
scissors (1) to cut the string
a hungry stomach (1)
lemonie6 years ago
I thought this might be made out of ear-wax...(dissapointed) I've done this, tends to create a bit of a cheesy smell, but what else do you do with the wax? And I've got 1 pound ball of the stuff somewhere... L
The wax is good and pliable, like modelling clay - anything you can make out of it can be transformed into metal by lost wax casting (I just put up an ible on lost wax casting using a form made from cheese wax)

I have the materials... - thanks for pointing me to your I'ble.

babybel light ? i never known about the existence of some babybel light, i know the classic red, the classic red ( big size), the yellow ( with edam or gouda) the green ( with goat cheese) but light ..... just to be more eco-friendly, is it possible to make a thread with our own hairs ?
Have you ever smelled burning human hair?! Not nice! I doubt you'd want a candle out of it
It burns to fast anyway. You could use hemp though.
Arjun Bhat5 years ago
 What is baby bell

your dog (author)  Arjun Bhat5 years ago
it is a miniature cheese roll. you can get them at the grocery store, they are great for lunches
Arjun Bhat5 years ago
 What kind of cheese is this?
Mmmm Cheese we have to do dare in grade 5 and 7! This is really cool!
tincanz6 years ago
YAY!!!!!!!!!! mini candles!!!
crayzclown16 years ago
babybel cheese is soooo over priced. :\
LemonLily6 years ago
Thanks for sharing. I really like this idea. Note for safety: Be careful that you hands are clean or the candle might make a big fire. Also I'm thinking we can put the wax in a tealight candle container.
your dog (author) 6 years ago
there are pictures of the babybel light in the first and last steps. I've never heard of it either before I did this Instructable as for the hair, I think I might give it a try, but it might hurt a more painless way might be using the hair that gets stuck on the hair brush
your dog (author) 6 years ago
you smell cheese when you burn your candles? I don't while burning mine.... it might be a different type of cheese (I used the light version) I added some cinnamon to one of my candles, but you could not smell it. I will post some more ideas for scented candles if I get any.....
ChrysN6 years ago
Another good reason to eat a Babybel!
chuckr446 years ago
I do like a smoked gouda!