hi !!!

so this plane is the sport trainer very very great plane to start flying airplane !! because it very stable in the air and can fly very slow , that give you a nice control also is very easy to build it , you have just to cut 3 pieces !!! you don't need to build the airfoil or anything just glue 3 pieces ( fuselage , wing , horizontal stabilizer ) and we have a very nice plane !!!

in addition to that , this plane is very light and it don't need a special materiel , just what you have , smal brushless motor and servo !!!

the plan is from MikeysRc , the original version of this plane have 1metre in span not very big


so i make it and it fly very well ! but i decide to make it very big and to be a big trainer to learn fly !

my version have 60in in span around 150cm ,, big version , here the maiden fly

and an other fly !!

after this test i decide to put a cam onboard !!! here the video!

hope to like it !!!!

see you in an other project !!!

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