Introduction: Build Your Own, K'nex Engine, Medium Piece Count

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hey guys, I published a k'nex engine a little while ago, in a slideshow, and you (yes you)liked it, so i am publishing it in this here instructable. 

the pictures here are from the slideshow itself, so theres no need for the slideshow anymore, I embedded the video of my engine in action

Step 1: Let's Make the Cylinder Now

Picture of Let's Make the Cylinder Now

ok then guys heres how to make the cylinder, no more explanation needed here

piece count per cylinder
4 grey/purple connectors(not the 3-d ones, i will mention if they need to be 3-d or n4ot)
4 orange connectors
4 yellow rods

Step 2: Making the Piston

Picture of Making the Piston

pieces per piston
1 tan lock
2 yellow connectors
3 grey/purple connectors(still not 3-d)
5 white rods

Step 3: Crank for the Shaft(or Is It the Other Way Around?)

Picture of Crank for the Shaft(or Is It the Other Way Around?)

piece count per two crank
1 white rod
2 black hinge pieces(look at second pictures if your not sure what i'm talking about)
2 white connectors

Step 4: The Engine Block

Picture of The Engine Block

pieces per layer
12 green rods
8 white rods(add 3 for the end layers)
5 white connectors
2 red connectors
3 blue 3-d connectors(add 3 for middle layer)
(3 purple connectors for the ends)(i'm gong to use the terminology based one the old color scheme from now on, so if i say purple connect then it's 3-d, if i say grey connector then it isn't 3-d)

Step 5: The Cylinder to Engine Block Connection

Picture of The Cylinder to Engine Block Connection

piece count per connecting device
5 yellow connectors
2 red connectors
4 white rods

Step 6: Small Parts

Picture of Small Parts

this stuff is mainly for the crankshaft
need a parts list? you can count can't you?
If not then you shouldn't be browsing the internet, should you?

Step 7: Assembly of Engine Parts

Picture of Assembly of Engine Parts

the pictures and the notes in them will guide you to engine happiness.


mrguy2224 (author)2012-09-30

good job try making a v2

daredevil499 (author)2012-02-17


knexfreak95 (author)2010-07-22

its compact but not really realistic i mean u got no cams you got no chain,etc.

GeekBeam (author)knexfreak952010-07-24

i'm still working on that, it is going slow so far, and the fact that i'm away for my grandparent's house so far makes it so that i can't get to it.

blackboard (author)GeekBeam2011-06-23

dude same here i have a lot of pecies at my grand parentts house but im farr away to

M:P:K:N:E:X (author)2011-04-23

cool engine! works well.

Randomguy65 (author)2010-07-11

Kewl!! :-D

GeekBeam (author)Randomguy652010-07-11

thank you

GeekBeam (author)2010-07-08 do you guys like it?

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