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Introduction: Build Your Own, Lego Dalek

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tthis is a lego dalek, from the British tv series doctor who, the pictures explain themselves. i made this just before I went to bed last night

Step 1: The Head

this isthe top part of the dalex, having had limited resources to make the dalek, I am sorry for the bad design of the head.

Step 2: Middle Body

this deals in the rest of the body of the dalek, modify as much as you like just make sure to say "the original idea and design belong to rymndgeekyguy"

Step 3: Assembly of the Dalek

this step is gonna be rather short, since most of the construction has been done in the other steps



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    Pretty Good, However it needs to be in the correct colors and the suction cup arm needs to be longer than the laser gun arm.

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    I can't really do anything about the colors, but I will try to fix the suction cup if I can find the pieces for the dalek (long since cannibalized to make other things that don't make it up on the site


    There's a cool program called "LegoByME" it's on the lego website, it allows you to build lego stuff in a 3D program and then order the parts via the lego website.

    Nice I like it.

    ah, yes, i remember that, i have never actually done it though

    Good job, I love Doctor Who.
    A lot of your pictures came out good, but some (mostly "the head") are really blurry. You can fix that for next time by checking to see if your camera has a "macro mode" (might use a flower symbol) that will help take clearer close up shots.

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     thanks, i did use macro mode, but what i didn't see was super macro mode, i discovered it after i took the pictures for the head, and i was somewhat lazy. I'll correct that as soon as i can(maybe in a minute or 2

     should be fixed now, sorry for the dimness i couldn't help that

    Ah yes, much better now.

     no prob. I love constructive criticism, it helps with details that aren't quite right, that I don't notice