Picture of building a underground fort
hole 1.jpg
hole 3.jpg
hole 6.jpg

       This fort i am going to be showing you how to build can be used for airsoft, or a kids plaly house. If you are yonger that 16 ask you parent befor doing this if your yunger than 11 you may need help with this ask parents for help 
       maerials you will need 
a shovel 
4 1 foot by 8 foot bords ( an inch thick )
2 2by4s  
a saw
some shingels
bug spray
a small bucket 
a thin 1 foot by 8 foot (half inch thick )
3 2inch rectandel blocks 
pacons in there sheel ( any nut will work but i like pecons
above are some picturs of the finished product ( thought id let you see what your geting into )
                                                     REED THIS ENTIRE IBLE BEFOR STARTING ON IT


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Step 1: The Hole

Picture of The Hole
hole 2.jpg
    Dig a hole with the blue prints in the picture. It might be kind of hard to fallo sorry about that when i started this instructable the fort had already been made ): sorry. just try your best to get it if your having trouble send me a privit mesage and i will try to get back to you. If i happen not to meseng you back find someone in your family who can reed it. I know its porely dun.   ( roll your mouse over it to find the measurements, the chart has it rong the orange is 3 feet and the brown is 2 feet ). If you need more space in your fort ad one foot to every measurrment exept the yelow measurement.
       put all the dirt of to the side in a pile you will be using it later. If there are any roots in the mane part of the hole that you dont want to cut out dig a little deeper to be able to get under them. Please dont make this neer a tree or you will have that problem. I know i did but dont make this neer a gas mane, the only reason i did was my mom whould'int let me dig anywhere else.  SAFTY FIRST if you live where the dirt is not that hard dets some bords to saport the sides.  I am not responsibl for any damages this fort causes but if you falow the instructions corecktly there wont be any damegas.
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clistul3 months ago

i have had mine for a while, i like your idea with the lights

Vaxinius7 months ago

Nice fort. I have dug a few myself. Once in some sandy dirt, I, 8 years old, dug a short tunnel inside a fort like this but when my older brother tried to fit through he got stuck so I poked him with a stick until my worried mom came out and caught me-revenge for some silly thing which I can't remember. Keep digging, mattocks are great if you get any tree roots or hard clay.

knexinventer11 months ago

If there are a lot of bugs, safely fill the room with a flammable aerosol then carefully ignite.

I'm sorry, but I can neither read nor understand this. Spell-Check is a must for you to use. Especially if you're an adult who can't spell basic words.
CR15P332 years ago
please post a picture of the inside/finished product,

great ible and idea though
i like it but i dont think my mum wants me digging up the back yard
Krayzi992 years ago
This is a great idea! It confirms that using wood to support it instead of dirt is a very good idea. My friends and I have been designing something like this for \a while and are gonna start.
SO4Jesus3 years ago
This sounds way awesome! I'll be working on this in a while! Thank you for coming up with these ideas! You're awesome!
broper (author)  SO4Jesus3 years ago
thank you remember to putt boreds on the inside of your fort for braces if you dont have good soil
SO4Jesus broper3 years ago
Dude, I live in a high desert. If the terrain here was anymore rocky, the ground would be one, vast rock. The soil is harder than iron wood.
broper (author)  SO4Jesus3 years ago
ok you should be good then
rickharris3 years ago
At the risk of sounding like a safety inspector - digging deep holes in unsupported earth is dangerous. The biggest danger is that the earth slips back on you when your in there and your buried. No air, no help until someone realises you gone.

Won't happen? Actually happens a lot on building sites where unsupported or poorly supported trenches collapse.

Pay heed. don't go deep, If you must support the sides with substantial timber supports braced from side to side.

Oh well I tried, don't say I didn't warn you.

this happened with an guy at my school, he died when he went in an tunnel he made in an pile of sand
Yep it happens.
yes, sad enough it does
in heavy clay, this has a zero percent chance of happening, especially if you dig the hole with slated sides.
broper (author)  ilpug3 years ago
true i live in oklahome and the only thing hear is clay
broper (author)  rickharris3 years ago
thats a very good poin actualy i live in oklahoma where the dirts about as hard as sement but some peole dont. but int not tecknikly under ground its just a hole with bords over it and when you in it thers not dirt over your head thers wood just a thin laer of dirt above the wood. but the wood is one inch thick and the dirt above it is one inch thick and wood is stronger than dirt. but if you live in a place with bat dirt get thicker wood of dont put dirt over it.

safty first
:-) OK, happy building !
broper (author)  rickharris3 years ago
broper (author)  rickharris3 years ago
thanks for saying that i went back to the end and re edit it and i put some safty procautns in the hole part to safty first
brandogreen3 years ago
how did you build the inside
broper (author)  brandogreen3 years ago
its just a hole i dig the hole first then ad the boreds on top
ilpug3 years ago
i never did one of these when i was younger, but i should.
broper (author)  ilpug3 years ago
their fun unless its rainy where you live
iPodGuy3 years ago
Very interesting, I am a fan of underground structures.

I had to give up on reading this one however. It is in dire need of a spell check.

Thanks for sharing.
broper (author)  iPodGuy3 years ago
ok thanks i know the spelings bad but the spell check is not working
caitlinsdad3 years ago
Very nice digging next to the gas main. Make sure that is a sparking steel shovel you use. Not.
I was thinking the exact same thing as soon as I saw the picture with the meter in it. Here's hoping you never need work done on your gas lines or meter, or the utility company finds out. Very large fines can be imposed for doing ANY sort of digging or excavating near or around gas lines or meters without the proper permits. A friend was fined for digging a hole too close to the meter to plant a small shrub.
broper (author)  Reffner3 years ago
i was planing on diging is some where else but thats where my mom told my to dig if you look closely you will see a sqare of bords arond the fort my mom told my thats where i could dig
JuCo broper3 years ago
yeah. mom's do that. killjoys. :oP

anyhow, i say great job. one thing, though. you should run your stuff through a spellcheck because some people are probably running the 'ibles on here through a translator program, so they can read them in their home language, and translators don't do well with misspellings. no biggie, just a tip for your future projects.

take care.
broper (author)  JuCo3 years ago
yay i was going to run it throuw a speeel check but it wasint working ) : sorry
JuCo broper3 years ago
not a problem... just something to think about next time.
broper (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
ya good thing i didnot hit the gas pipe i was 10 when i built it ) : if you build it stay away from the gas line unlike me
broper (author)  broper3 years ago
plus that the only place my mom whould let me dig
CaseyCase3 years ago
Uh, inner spell check/capitalization/punctuation Nazi is rearing it's ugly head again.
broper (author)  CaseyCase3 years ago
ya sorry about that
Not trying to be a grammar nazi but it's not yunger it's yOunger other than that pretty cool instructable though.
broper (author)  Professor DIY3 years ago
ok i fixed it thanks ( :
Yeah no prob
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