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Introduction: Building a Zipline

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in the summer me my uncle and my cousin built a large zipline 100 foot long problay supporting over 500 pound 20 foot high. this is not a exact instructions but a guide. it probably cost about 150$ not including wood for a treehouse]

(very old and crappy instructable for reference)

Step 1: Go Build the Tree House

the first thing to do is build a tree house or platform. we built one with a platform sliding door and a little house like thing make it around a sturdy tree. and make sure theres another about 100 feet away

Step 2: Things You Need

large pulley (at first we used to small pulley but they wore out so badly that in a week they were encrusted with marks of the cable)

thick cable ( about 2 or 3 times the thickness of clothes line)
drill and saw and other tools
2 turnbuckles( do not skip this , your ride will suck with oout this )
2 cable thimbles
fastening nylon rop stuff(the stuff you use to fasten down large tents)
rock climbing harness (optional- safety first)
caribner if using a harness
plank of wood
and rope for pulling the carriage up the tree
oh and matreses are essiantal because it hurts to land really hard

Step 3: Carriage

for the carriage use a fastening nylon wide ropey thingy and run that through the middle of the wood plank and connect that to a pulley and i suggest using a fastening buckle for the nylon fastening because you'll want to adjust it

Step 4: Cable Time

first attach the cable to the turnbuckles using a cable fastner or welding or crimping then use some really heavy duty fastening wide thingy stuff and run that a few times around the tree and tie it tie it agaian and put it through the turnbuckle and tie and again. do the same on the other tree.make sure you put the carriage on first though.

Step 5: One More Thing

i use a harness on my zipline. i picked it at moutain eequipment co for 32.00 and use a carabinere to connect it to the carriage . my uncle used to be in the army and he showed me how to make a harness out of rope and s a neat and useful tricki.

Step 6: Go and Have Fun

now go and have fun but make sure to put a matress down and tighten the turnbuckle if theres to much slack.



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    Someone should make an instructable on how to make a zipline.

    Looks great! Save money on your hardware without sacrificing on quality or most importantly safety at

    I just compleated our Zip Line. Check out the video

    Checkout my latest instructable its way better and it got featured on today.

    lol! i know you!

    hows it going mman1506. took a bit of stalking but i found your intractable page

    well thats nuthin.

    while you dont even have a single instructable up this instructable has 9,182 and in total of all my instructables they have over 30,000 alot more than nuthin

    my comment was relevant two years ago, but not now. congrats on your success.

    1622 views as of me typing this

    this my first (good instructable (over 3 views))so it be great to have some feedback

    1 reply

    well, you have high aspirations. heaven help you if you hit 500. you may need to go lay down.

    srry this is my first instuctable and not the greatest ill be updating it soon with pics .but basicly tour rap the fastner rope around the tree and and connect the cable to a turnbuck and turnbuckle to tree

    kool instructable,how do you make the rope harness your uncle taught you?

    4 replies

    its called a swiss seat it's kinda complicated search it up on google theres some good instructions there (maybe i should make an instructable)

    Yeah, or you can add it in this ible. :)

    please make an instructable on how to make it I am also trying to build a zipline

    also there was no point of taking a picture of the harness when theres apicture of the real one and i just wanted to make a comment i like comments on my work