Picture of Balance 10 nails on one nail
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This instructable is suppose to sound impossible (and look like its about to fall over) Balancing ten nails on a single nail? That can't happen can it? Well I'll not only show you it is possible, but also how to do it and present it as a kinetic art piece and not just a bet between friends.
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Step 1: Supplies and tools

Picture of supplies and tools
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-11, 12" long spikes + or - a couple nails (or shorter based on personal preference)
-a few finishing nails
-scrap wood
-Muriatic acid (enough to fully submerge all the nails)
-plastic shoe box (container large enough to fully submerge the nails)
-dremel tool
-Bench top grinder
-Buffing wheels
-Buffing compounds and polish

Step 2: Safety

Picture of safety
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-Leather gloves
-Welding mask
-Mask, respirator, or fan

It is VERY important that you do not inhale the fumes made by the acid or made while the acid is eating the zinc.   It is also VERY important that you do not let the acid come into contact with your skin.   It might not burn on first contact but if you let it sit for an amount of time (depending on the amount of acid and thickness of the skin) it will burn like nothing you've felt before. Thus it is imperative to rinse the area with water immediately!   This information based on personal experience (remember that Muriatic acid is neutralized with water. other  acids and chemicals are not, so know what you're working with and how to neutralize or contain any spillage).  Further more, getting muriatic acid on cement or brick work will cause an undesired reaction. This is again known from personal experience
cool :)