Introduction: Bullet Bottle Opener

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Continuing on my theme of "ibles" made from bullets/ordanance here is a simple bottle opener made from a 50cal (1/2 inch bullet casing)

Step 1: Get a Bullet Casing

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Beg, steal, borrow whatever, fairly easy for me as I am in the military and make lots of "gizzits" for people when I am on deployment (check out my shot glass holder later when I post it, and bullet jewelry)

Step 2: Cut a Wedge Out of the Bullet

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I cut this out with a hacksaw and then cleaned it up with a small file, go about halfway across the casing as shown.

BTW if you want to get a good shine on brass use Brasso (or other metal polish) on cardboard, the slightly abrasive texture of the cardboard give a really deep shine in seconds, this one is a bit tarnished from being used in the pool!

Step 3: Errrr Thats It!!

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Easy Peasy Lemonn Squeezy!!


buck2217 (author)2014-08-10

Here if you can buy it, you can have it, with appropriate licence. Empty casings are no issue. Firearms themselves you get a police licence ( proof of no criminal record and I think you have to promise not to shoot anyone!! and have a secure gun cabinet) A friend of mine has dozens of firearms incl 50cals AK's M16s and a tank!

gravityisweak (author)2014-08-06

Funny thing, I just learned yesterday that owning an empty casing is illegal in both Massachusetts and Washington D.C. if you do not have a firearms license. I wonder to what extent you have to modify it, in order for it not to be considered a casing any longer. At some point its just a piece of brass.

Raitis (author)gravityisweak2014-08-09

Is it for any kind of casing? I'm from Europe and it's only illegal if the calibre is strictly for the use of armed forces. That said, I doubt you can own a .50 cal in for personal use in the EU.

gravityisweak (author)Raitis2014-08-10

It is for any kind of casing, even .22 caliber. However here, with a license it is perfectly legal to own a .50 cal and the ammo to go with it. Getting the license is an endeavor all of its own.

buck2217 (author)gravityisweak2014-08-06

No such restriction here in NZ --- Land of the Free anyone? :-)

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