The new ammo ensures that he continued shooting and that he should continue to hover in the air so he's in a nicer line through the air

If I have made a mistake in typing, blame google translator, my English is not perfect :D

Step 1: Collect the Items

1. A red rod
2. A grey connector thing
3. A pair of scissors
4. Ducktape
5. https://www.instructables.com/id/Scorpion-360-CDM-Critical-Demelition-Mass/

Step 2: Start

add the grey connector to the red (i know i got another color, but they got the same length)

Step 3: Add the Tape

place the ammunition at about one quarter of the piece of tape

Step 4: Fold the Tape

Fold the tape around the bullet and make sure there is tape on all sides,

Step 5: Finishing Touch

cut the tape so that a sort of wings arise, take care that both sides are equal in length

Step 6: Edit the Gun

you got to remove the first section of the barrel. If you don't, the ram won't hit the bullet

Step 7: How to Load

pull the ram like you usually do.

Step 8: You're Done

I hope you got fun with it.
Absolutely fantastic. I would have never thought of putting fins on a knex bullet.<br>Bravo.
thx, i think i'm gonna mod a few other guns, but i don't know which
Looks more like a sniper round =D
I could mod the gun to so that it looks like a sniper (:
Nice =D And you have made my 1,700th comment also XD You win a Barret M82 with a .44 Magnum =D
nice, let's start a party XD
I will bring my M4 SOPMOD, M240, and G3A4 with me to the party, you?
I think i will take an AK-47, or a bazooka (i'm no weapon expert). Where will the party be? at the white house?
Yep, at the white house =D
nice. Srry Obama (:
Sounds like you are from the USA like me I see =D
nope, i'm not. I'm from Europe, The netherlands/Holland.
Nice =D

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