Bunny Blanket Buddies





Introduction: Bunny Blanket Buddies

these bunnies are all made from lion brand's cuddly bunny pattern. (pattern number: 60635) the two white ones are made with lion brand's sasha yarn that the pattern calls for. the others are made from lion brand's homespun yarn with smaller needles. (same pattern)

i needle felt on the eyes and mouthes with wool felt and the noses are scrap cashmere french knots that i needle felt around the edges for a little extra support.

lion brand cuddly bunny



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Can you please post some instructions with photos? I have been trying to follow that pattern and it makes no sense. When I saw your instructable I was hoping it'd have some instructions! Your bunnies look great! thanks!

I had trouble with the instructions also. The number of stitches didn't make sense, and then I realized that you have to add the stitches at BOTH ends.

Very cute and cuddly. I like the way the child can clutch and cuddle and the head still be very visable. Very Nice

Cute! All the animal toys for knitting being posted on Instructables are awesome!

I love knitted toys, and these are sweet