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these bunnies are all made from lion brand's cuddly bunny pattern. (pattern number: 60635) the two white ones are made with lion brand's sasha yarn that the pattern calls for. the others are made from lion brand's homespun yarn with smaller needles. (same pattern)

i needle felt on the eyes and mouthes with wool felt and the noses are scrap cashmere french knots that i needle felt around the edges for a little extra support.

lion brand cuddly bunny


watergrrl (author)2008-02-08

Can you please post some instructions with photos? I have been trying to follow that pattern and it makes no sense. When I saw your instructable I was hoping it'd have some instructions! Your bunnies look great! thanks!

I had trouble with the instructions also. The number of stitches didn't make sense, and then I realized that you have to add the stitches at BOTH ends.

knittingphotog (author)watergrrl2008-02-08

the link i posted below is for the itty bitty bunnies. here's a link to the bigger bunny

knittingphotog (author)watergrrl2008-02-08

here's the rewritten patternrewritten pattern. i hope that it helps!

mjtstuff (author)2008-02-02

Very cute and cuddly. I like the way the child can clutch and cuddle and the head still be very visable. Very Nice

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-25

Cute! All the animal toys for knitting being posted on Instructables are awesome!

stinkymum (author)2008-01-25

I love knitted toys, and these are sweet

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