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Introduction: Bunny Ear Hack

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Hello every one I'm going to show you how to make a bunny ear improver.It is VERY CHEAP.Also this first wasn't my idea someone on instructables made an antenna like this but just from a pop can and coax cable.AND I AM NOT RELABEL FOR ANY INJURIES FROM THIS BUILD.

Step 1: The Tools and Stuff

the things that you will are:
2 Pop cans
1 Roll of packing tap or duct tape
Thin old wood
Solid core cooper wire or Aluminum foil

>can opener
>tin snipes

Step 2: Cuting the Cans

Now cut the cans in half,tape the edges this will prevent cuts.

Step 3: The Stand

Get about a 35 inch piece of thin wood for a base.Then tape two ten inch piece of wood about 7 inches away.

Step 4: Tape and Wire

Now just tape the cans to the wood supports.Then strip the wire and connect to the other cans these should be cries cross and make sure the wires don't touch each other also tape the wire to the cans inside the picture. Now connected wires to the other wires tape those in place.

Step 5: Done

Now connect the long wires to the ears.

Step 6: Tuneing

This should work well and improve your signal and give you better and clearer t.v.Plus it's FREE!!!!!!!!



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      my t.v looks better bcause of this great job!

      it pretty much works

      Very simple work for an useful application. However, the wire connections are not clearly explained. Please add some more details.