Hello every one I'm going to show you how to make a bunny ear improver.It is VERY CHEAP.Also this first wasn't my idea someone on instructables made an antenna like this but just from a pop can and coax cable.AND I AM NOT RELABEL FOR ANY INJURIES FROM THIS BUILD.

Step 1: The tools and stuff

Picture of the tools and stuff
the things that you will are:
2 Pop cans
1 Roll of packing tap or duct tape
Thin old wood
Solid core cooper wire or Aluminum foil

>can opener
>tin snipes
cloot1015 years ago
my t.v looks better bcause of this great job!
cloot1005 years ago
it pretty much works
isacco6 years ago
Very simple work for an useful application. However, the wire connections are not clearly explained. Please add some more details.