Introduction: Burning Money

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we all know that money is saved but not burnt. In this instructables we learn to burn money

It is very simple with a solution of equal parts , in which money is immersed in the solution

if you want to see in Spanish

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Preparing the Solution

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to do the solution

2.00cm make a mark in the ass of the cup and fill it with water and alcohol

water and alcohol mix equal parts

Step 3: Mixing the Solution

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We mix everything well and add a one dollar bill and soaked well ,do not worry if the dollar is not covered completely

Step 4: Burning the Dollar

remember: you have to have security measures to avert the dissolution of the dollar , just before burn and burn only once after immersing If you liked this project looks at some of my projects more


tomatoskins (author)2015-05-09

This is great! I love the effect of it.

nuelma (author)tomatoskins2015-05-10

if it is very attractive, was yesterday afternoon throughout sevilla doing this wing people who were in the bar and stood amazed at the sight

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