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Introduction: Burrito Speed

My latest knex coaster that is entered into SScoaster.net 's winter contest so if you want me to win vote for me!


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    where can you buy screamin serpent sets?

    Where's the video

    I was wondering how you had to mod the coaster cars to go through the booster. I just bought 4 screamin serpents, 2 rippen rockets, shark run, and lots of extra tubing. I want to build a big roller coaster but i can find a good way to use the boosters on the screamin serpent cars.

    cut off the flaps that cover the rippin rockets spiny wheel things, and put some cardboard on the seats of the SS train. i advise you try not to use rippin rocket boosters as they make your model look stupid. it was a last resort for this coaster.

    i want to buy some tubing and the green connectors, obvisouly i'm not aiming to build anything as good as yours but how much of each would i need to build a decent rollercoaster? (in feet and number of connectors)

    you need like 200-300 green connectors to build a nice coaster. and anywhere from 30 -60 ft. so that's 2-3 screamin serpent sets.


    we have all sorts of tutorials and tips for building there.sorry Im not going to sell my parts.

    Or does 60ft breakdown into 2 lengths of 30ft for a decent coaster?

    well 60 ft of track asin 120 ft total, that's about 2 sets.

    So if i buy 300 crossties then that means 60ft of tubing but 30ft of track