Butter Pen!





Introduction: Butter Pen!

Now you don't have to get a knife out to spread butter on toast, just use the butter pen!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

One used up container of Tom's Deodorant.

1 stick of butter.

Step 2: Clean the Deodorant Container Really Good

I chose the Tom's deodorant because it seems the closest to being food. This is the tricky part, you need to disassemble the deodorant container which isn't too hard, then clean it really really good. I used a toothbrush and cleaned each part two times and then stuck the parts in the dishwasher for a third wash.

Step 3: Assemble

put the butter in the micro for about 60 seconds till it becomes liquid.

reassemble the deodorant container and place it on a plate.

pour the melted butter in carefully.

The first time I poured the butter in, I think I left the butter out to stand a bit so it wasn't super hot when I poured it in. Anyway, I had some sort of beginner's luck when I did it the first time and it didn't leak much. The second try it leaked out immediately, as some other people mentioned in the comments. I had a d'oh moment and realized that the leaking problem can be solved by putting the cap on and filling the container up through the bottom. Then snap in the center piece after it is filled.

place the plate in the frig overnight.

In the morning, clean the outside of the pen and the dial at the bottom.

attach a label to the outside.

Step 4: Use It on Toast!

Put some toast in and then use the butter pen while the toast is still hot. It works!!

It gives new meaning to the term 'drawn butter'

Step 5: Hooray for the Butter Pen!!

hooray for the butter pen!



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    That is awesome yet disturbing

    Solving the butter knife epidemic I'm so proud:)

    You are one crazy yet very amazing lady!!

    I hate using spray and cook when baking and using a basting brush to spread the butter on the sides of my pans etc doesn't always work so well, definitely will be making one of these for that purpose. It should work wonders I think.

    I am with you on that one, would make my life so much easier.

    have you considered patenting (?) this? I've thought of it for years for greasing cake pans etc... I was thinking "glue stick" but your container is good too!

    This is wonderful - and bonkers - - naturally I love it. : -)