Introduction: Butter Pen!

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Now you don't have to get a knife out to spread butter on toast, just use the butter pen!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

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One used up container of Tom's Deodorant.

1 stick of butter.

Step 2: Clean the Deodorant Container Really Good

Picture of Clean the Deodorant Container Really Good

I chose the Tom's deodorant because it seems the closest to being food. This is the tricky part, you need to disassemble the deodorant container which isn't too hard, then clean it really really good. I used a toothbrush and cleaned each part two times and then stuck the parts in the dishwasher for a third wash.

Step 3: Assemble

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put the butter in the micro for about 60 seconds till it becomes liquid.

reassemble the deodorant container and place it on a plate.

pour the melted butter in carefully.

The first time I poured the butter in, I think I left the butter out to stand a bit so it wasn't super hot when I poured it in. Anyway, I had some sort of beginner's luck when I did it the first time and it didn't leak much. The second try it leaked out immediately, as some other people mentioned in the comments. I had a d'oh moment and realized that the leaking problem can be solved by putting the cap on and filling the container up through the bottom. Then snap in the center piece after it is filled.

place the plate in the frig overnight.

In the morning, clean the outside of the pen and the dial at the bottom.

attach a label to the outside.

Step 4: Use It on Toast!

Picture of Use It on Toast!

Put some toast in and then use the butter pen while the toast is still hot. It works!!

It gives new meaning to the term 'drawn butter'

Step 5: Hooray for the Butter Pen!!

Picture of Hooray for the Butter Pen!!

hooray for the butter pen!


annabenson6 (author)2014-03-12

That is awesome yet disturbing

thehbird (author)2014-01-07

Solving the butter knife epidemic I'm so proud:)

thehbird (author)2014-01-07


Mariska Botha (author)2013-09-04

I love this!!!!!

BunnyRoger (author)2013-09-03

You are one crazy yet very amazing lady!!

MAApleton (author)2013-08-29

I hate using spray and cook when baking and using a basting brush to spread the butter on the sides of my pans etc doesn't always work so well, definitely will be making one of these for that purpose. It should work wonders I think.

Amanda Culbert (author)MAApleton2013-09-02

I am with you on that one, would make my life so much easier.

prettybird70 (author)2013-07-11

have you considered patenting (?) this? I've thought of it for years for greasing cake pans etc... I was thinking "glue stick" but your container is good too!

darrenhall (author)2013-03-16

This is wonderful - and bonkers - - naturally I love it. : -)

foobear (author)darrenhall2013-03-16

hehe, thx!

darrenhall (author)2013-03-16

Have to make one of these - April is on the way - - there is a 21 yr old in the house with a surprise coming. Sorry to exploit this noble instructable for evil but - - - ; -)

zomfibame (author)2012-06-14


tfreeman2 (author)2012-06-14

not bad, not bad at all.

build52 (author)2012-06-14

Great idea!

Mr. Gadgets (author)2012-06-14


Great idea!

FrenchFrog (author)2012-06-14

Really cool, fun 2 make, and makes it easier! :)

albertkelley25 (author)2012-06-14

next try poring butter in a real pen

and make a bacon salt shaker anyway nice job

blownfuse4160 (author)2012-06-14

Great Idea!! I like it! But a un-serious warning. Double check your deodrant before using in the am, especially at my house! My teenage son would switch the 2 around, just for kicks & giggles! So you would grease up your pits, and keep your toast from sweating! But they both would come in handy latter on, to keep the smell down from the boys body after I'd kill'em, and the butter to slick'em up to stuff him into a smaller container! LOL

Mr. Gadgets (author)2012-06-14

Great idea!

sethfree1 (author)2009-07-31

Great idea, and well put together instructable! <br/><br/>A few suggestions for enhancement:<br/><br/>Cut the butter into small cubes and leave it sitting out at room temp for an hour or two. It will be good and soft: a bonus in that it will still be perfectly emulsified (retaining better butter flavor) and not so hot that it will leach nasty chems from the stick applicator. You can then scrape it into a one-quart zip top baggie, cut off one of the bottom corners, and squeze into the applicator (no leaks!).<br/><br/>Or... you can make your own butter (check out <a href=""></a> ) It will be soft and ready to go into your brilliant applicator.<br/><br/>If you like to cook eggs or veggies in butter, as I do, but don't like using too much, as I do, you could use your applicator to smear just enough in the pan to coat. Would also work for applications to baking pans and casseroles!<br/><br/>lovin this idea!<br/>

yallen (author)sethfree12012-06-14

Make sure not to touch a hot pan with the plastic container though! You don't want melty plastic in your food!

yallen (author)2012-06-14

I would suggest something like a push pop, or one of those push up ice cream containers.

chabias (author)2012-05-02

This butter spreader is basically the same thing, and has been around for ages. I'd rather use this than worry about cleaning deodorant containers that have been near my nasty pits.

OrIsIt (author)2011-05-26

Can I use a glue stick? i have no deodorant+ its non toxic? what about a lipstick ?

foobear (author)OrIsIt2011-05-26

People have suggested chapstick tubes as well. Though they seem awfully small to me. whatever works!

OrIsIt (author)foobear2011-05-29

I did it with a glue stick, most people find it gross, but it is still useful and the cleaning is the hardest part

dragonsniper (author)2011-05-22

i came up with an advertisement name for this

I Can't Believe It's Not Deodorant
hahahahaha lol

foobear (author)dragonsniper2011-05-22

=) heh

boltfox20 (author)2011-03-24

Drat! Someone else had the idea. I was going to do that. =p

Nice to know the concept can be accomplished in practice. Now we just need someone who knows how to start selling this thing and everyone can enjoy the convenience. ^_^

rcampanoli (author)2011-03-14

All power to the butterstick!

comedy_phil (author)2011-02-19

This is freaking awesome! One of the many things on this website that makes you wonder, why aren't they selling these? Its just as crazy as milk in a bag or paper slippers but it works! Weather it is vegan or not is completely irrelevant, you could put anything inside!
I'm gonna make one right now, then i'm gonna try one with cream cheese, ice cream, what about peanut butter?.......

skillsforlifewa (author)2010-04-27

 Just a thought. As person who does a lot of baking, this is THE perfect idea to prepare pans for baking. I LOVE it!

NerdMaster (author)2008-09-10

That's a very cool instrustable. I'm gonna' try that. Don't listen to these goobers about the deodorant container. You specifically mentioned that you cleaned it very well. If only they knew what they were eating in most processed foods.....bug parts, rodent feces, human urine.....and the list goes on.

arienh4 (author)NerdMaster2009-04-08

Human urine? Erm, no. Unless you're trying to eat clothes in the Roman times, but that's not really processed foods.

Father Christmas (author)arienh42009-04-08

No, that is actually accurate. The regulations do not state that those contaminants cannot be there; they simply regulate the ratio in which they can exist in the products.

arienh4 (author)Father Christmas2009-04-08

True, but being allowed and being used are two different things, name an example.

Father Christmas (author)arienh42009-04-08

look through, you will find reports. You cannot really name an example, because the allowed quantities are far to small to notice. That is why they are allowed. Besides, I said contaminants. that generally implies unwanted. So, if it is unwanted, I wouldn't really say it is used. But that is just me. I tend to look at things differently than most people.

Krinkov (author)Father Christmas2009-05-30

Most foods that have "red color" listed on them contain crushed beetles. So there's your little critter intake for the day.

failermon (author)Krinkov2010-04-05

Called cochineal. Aztecs used it. :D

twocvbloke (author)arienh42009-05-07

There was once a study on bowls of peanuts in pubs and bars, and they found several different "samples" of urine on the peanuts, all because some people just cannot be bothered to wash their hands!!! Still, if they're salted peanuts, you probably wouldn't notice the additinal "flavouring"!!! :S

kcgirlintx (author)twocvbloke2009-08-13

As for your peanuts, they already have worm larvae encased in them. You see, as they are growing in the field the worms are crawling all over and through them and dropping larvae (eggs) as they go. As the peanut (any nut really) forms it encases the larvae. Even if you cut them apart you would not see it as they are microscopic in size. The only time they may become evident is if after harvest they are stored in a warm place and left for an extremely long period of time causing the eggs to grow within the nut. There are of course FDA regulations regarding how old the nuts can be to be sold (like sell by dates) but if you are purchasing fresh nuts from a street vendor or even at one of those bulk stores that store them in the back room and just transfer them from their bags to their display bins... well those are harder to regulate. The point is, there are already contaminates in and on the nuts before all those people dip their hands into that bowl (which I myself would never eat from).

arienh4 (author)twocvbloke2009-05-07

Wouldn't call bar stuff "Processed foods"

Derin (author)NerdMaster2008-10-27


GetCraftyItsHip (author)2008-10-12

Have you considered earth balance, a healthy vegan alternative to butter.

Does it taste as good as butter? Probably not, because humans are 'programmed' by nature to like the taste of salt, meat, fat, etc, which vegetarian / vegan / 'healthy' foodstuffs are generally lacking in. The reason humans like these things is because in the age of cavemen these were rare, so humans ate as much of them as possible when they had the chance. Now we live in an industrialized world where all of these things are easily available, and we have not yet evolved (and probably never will) to like vegetables etc equally as much, hence the wave of obesity and heart disease spreading across the western world. If people tried to subsist on these modern, 'healthy' alternatives to things that have been around for hundreds of years, they would (and in fact, do) develop potentially serious deficiencies. It is perfectly possible to be healthy and eat butter, drink full-fat milk etc, as long as you remember not to over eat, to eat a balanced diet, and to exercise regularly. If you want to be vegetarian / vegan then fine, and yes, lots of them are healthier than the majority of the western worlds population, but please stop saying it's natural - if it was natural the majority of the worlds population would be doing it, because it would be in our nature, rather than the minority (and if you don't agree, go look up "natural" in a dictionary, and if you still don't agree, don't flame, because I will only tell you to go head but a spike). -Spasysheep

chubbyvegan (author)spasysheep2009-11-01

not true.  humans are meant to drink human milk.  as human babies.  more definciencies are found in people who consume animal products, as vegans/vegetarians tend to eat a more varied diet.  the only thing vegans miss out on when eating a healthy, balanced diet, is B12, which is only found in animal products, dirt, or supplement form.

as far as the butter pen, great idea!  as a vegan, i keep a travel pack of condiments & such to improve on restaurant versions of "veg" meals.  i'm definitely putting a chapstick size with smart balance in my pack.  be careful that the container is graded for food use.  chapstick should be good, since most of it ends up being eaten throughout the day, anyhow. 

failermon (author)chubbyvegan2010-04-05

Um, yeah, but humans change? And some people can't afford all the substitution. Plus it tastes like horrible, and I know what horrible tastes like.

FelineNine (author)spasysheep2009-03-15

head butt a spike.

spasysheep (author)FelineNine2009-04-02

Don't steal my phrase! :P

yes dude right on. thats the reason 114 year old farmers that live in the middle of nowhere are so healthy. they probly eat bacon and eggs every morning, and drink their own cows milk, which is for sure not skim. but they exercise and don't max on cheetos all the time

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