hi...M going to present my decorative idea with d use of these butterflies... it's so simple... and u will love dat..:)

Step 1: Things U Need..

1. black paper
3.double sided tape

Step 2: Draw

draw butterfly on the back of the paper

Step 3: Fold the Paper

Step 4: Cut..

cut butterflies from the folded paper

Step 5: Stick Tape on the Back of Butterflies

stick double sided tape and paste it on the wall
<p>cool design and really easy to make</p>
:) really<br>
yup :) <br>
really awesome idea... can u help me to made mines...
sure nikhil :)<br>

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Bio: I m fun loving person... I love to make things from waste and paper ... and find ways to make them easy to make :)
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