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Introduction: Bypass Internet Filter/blocker ANYWHERE.

This is my first Instructable, so please bear with me.
This method, provided you can run the two programs necessary, will enable you to bypass ANY web filter, without the use of any proxy sites that can be blocked. Many people tell you to go to sites like etc, but these sites can be blocked, which will put you back at square 1.
To prove that this works, these screen images were taken while I was drafting this Instructable to prove that I was using this method from school, where is a blocked site.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for you if you get caught. do this at your own risk.

Step 1: You Will Need:

If you are blocked from downloading or installing programs on the blocked computer, or you dont have any storage space on the computer you are using, or you want to be able to use this on almost all computers, you will need a USB flash drive. you can pick these up from your local target, walmart, bestbuy, etc for like 10 or 15 bucks. If you need a flash drive anyway, get what you want, but for this, you won't need more than about 50 MB of disk space, and that is a very generous estimate.

the rest of the things you need can be gotten for free.

USB flash drive (if necessary)
mozilla firefox, portable edition
PuTTY, portable edition
shell account with (here it is free)
email address

Step 2: Download & Sign Up

If you have your flash drive, or if the site listed below is blocked, you can do this from home.
You'll need to go to to download Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition. When you get there, search for Mozilla Firefox. Click the link that says Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition and download the latest version to your flash drive or the place you are allowed to store stuff on your computer (i.e. My Documents).
Note: this is the installer package, not the program.

after that, google 'portaputty'. download it from the Socialist Sushi page- it should be the first link.
when you get there, click 'You can get the binaries here.' to download the zip file.
NOTE: if you are running windows xp or later, it has a zip file reader built in. If you are running windows 2000 or earlier, you will need to get WinRAR- se bottom of page if necessary.
Extract 'putty.exe' to wherever you want. this is the program you will need to run.

Next, go to and register for an account. it is free, but you will need to privide a reason for requesting an account, your country, DOB, and an email address. (sign up for a hotmail account or Yahoo mail, or Gmail, etc if you need an email account). It will take a day or two for them to get back to you, but it's worth the wait.

now the real fun begins

NOTE: Windows 2000 Users: Google WinRAR and download it to your home PC. extract putty.exe using WinRAR. any questions let me know.

Step 3: Install

Run the Firefox Portable installer and install it to a folder you want.
Copy and paste the putty.exe file into the firefoxportable folder that you put Firefox into.

Wait until you get your email from before doint the next step. make sure you write down your login information (username/password) or remember it. it will be vital in the next step.

Step 4: Setup

Now here it can get a bit tricky. Luckily, you've got McGenius here to guide you.

The first thing you need to do is set up Putty. Launch Putty.exe and prepare to follow these steps.
1. In the Host name box, type in (Your Username) (my username is anubis). leave the port box at 22 alone, and leave the radio button selecting SSH alone.

2. On the left, look for the category 'SSH', then click the subcategory 'Tunnels'. Type in 6500 into the source port box and click the 'Dynamic' radio button, then click 'add'. you should see D6500 just like my picture.

3. now on the left click the 'session' area all the way at the top. Type in something you want to remember this by into the small box under 'saved sessions', then click 'save'. (mine is called RootShell)

4 from now on double click the name you entered (for me it is RootShell) to open the black window you saw on the first page. it will ask you for your password. type in the password you got in the email from

Now you need to set up Firefox.
1. open Firefox and wait for the welcome screen to load if this is the first time you have opened it. then click the 'tools' menu and click 'options'. at the top, click 'advanced', then click the 'network' tab . Under Connections, click settings.

2. there are three radio buttons at the top. click the one that says 'manual proxy configuration'. under the SOCKS host, type in 'localhost' and in the port box, 6500.

Step 5: Have Fun!!! is in germany, so if you load google or some othe pager you'll need to look for an english version.
Other than that, this should work. If you are not permitted to use firefox or putty, it might not work. contact me if you have any issues and i'll look into your problem.

Note: The Black PuTTY window is NOT supposed to show the characters you enter when you put in a password of ANY kind. Just put in the password and press enter regardless of whether you see anything and it WILL work. The same applies to the next sentence. If you want to change your password for PuTTY, simply enter the command 'passwd' into the black window and press enter. it will ask you for your old password, then the new password and confirmation for the new password (entering the new password again).

And remember... I did this from my school, where is a blocked site!!!



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    Hi, does still exist? I cant find were to open an account by them is there another way to bypass a filter ?

    Hi what reason did you give rootshell for them to give you a account?

    I followed all the steps but got a message in portaputty saying "network error. no route to host" How can i get around this and get this up and running?


    If is blocked, or the other sites are blocked, then you should install the stuff on your flash drive from home (you'll need a flash drive), and register for a shell account from home. Also, I would do it from home, just because I'd rather be safe than sorry. The only thing that i have seen in the 4 years i've been doing this that has prevented it from working is something that stops the programs from running- this happened at a public library where i live (not necessary though because you should be able to request non-filtered internet). Lildevil... I know this takes a while to set up, but it is a surefire way to do it as long as the programs aren't prevented from running. The purpose here is so you don't have to go to sites that can be blocked... example- is blocked here at my school!

    1 reply

    They do that at my school, but i rename the program to notepad or iexplore so that its on the whitelist

    WHAT?!?! Instructables is blocked? How dare they. Lets all get together and protest outside your school (I'm not being sarcastic). Seriously though, i like your idea - I give it 3 stars

    3 replies

    Yeah, It's ridiculous, they have it blocked under the 'terrorism' category. No worries now, though- I just graduated!

    Ha! although I hardly see why instructables could be called... OH NO! My house was just ripped apart by the robot!

    wtf just ctrl+alt+del and go to tasks and end the blocker program in tasks or if its a real cheap program it will be in programs running

    5 replies

    Well, I can see two flaws there, especially at my school. One, the 'Task Manager' is grayed out when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del. You cannot get to it by right-clicking on the taskbar, either- right click has been disabled. (Well, it works in Internet Explorer and Office, but not for Windows functions). Two, the Internet blocker is not always a local- meaning running on the computer you are using- program. Such is the case here. The district has all network traffic funneling through their one blocker server- a remote machine at each school. It is literally the biggest performance bottleneck I've seen in a while- I an lucky to get 90k while downloading while NOT using the above method, which typically slows it down a little but not by much. Then it can go to the Internet (or not if you try to go to myspace). Basically, even if I could get to the task manager, there would be no blocker service to shut down. Thanks for the thought, though- I'm sure someone out there can use it to their advantage. Cheers.

    WHen I kill mine, it doesnt let you go on the internet at all

    And what about Macs??

    alt/option, apply thingy, esc...

    Proxys work by setting up a server that saves all the websites that people go to and when someone types in an address the server goes "Hang on, have i got that on my hard disk?" If so then it loads the saved version and saves downloads. My dad's school has all the suitable websites saved and blocks all the others

    1 reply

    No it doesnt, I have a similar server of my own that I use as a proxy instead of

    Looks like the creator dosent get on much so i will try to help out a little bit, when you go down to the rootshell site down in the bottom left you will see a few links, one says fourms, and register, click on register and fill out the info, like mcgenius said sign up there dont fill out a shell account request. When they accept your signed up with a whacked out password, do not try to log into the page, if dosent work and it will waste time, go onto the next step where you setup portaputty, and use theconfirmation email, they changed their email address so use what they send you, which will be a use that in place of the step. and then continue with the setup.

    for this is this another file type or somthing like a program, can someone like relink it so i dont have to wait for them to register my account? thanks