This is my first Instructable, so please bear with me.
This method, provided you can run the two programs necessary, will enable you to bypass ANY web filter, without the use of any proxy sites that can be blocked. Many people tell you to go to sites like boredatshool.net etc, but these sites can be blocked, which will put you back at square 1.
To prove that this works, these screen images were taken while I was drafting this Instructable to prove that I was using this method from school, where www.instructables.com is a blocked site.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for you if you get caught. do this at your own risk.

Step 1: You Will Need:

If you are blocked from downloading or installing programs on the blocked computer, or you dont have any storage space on the computer you are using, or you want to be able to use this on almost all computers, you will need a USB flash drive. you can pick these up from your local target, walmart, bestbuy, etc for like 10 or 15 bucks. If you need a flash drive anyway, get what you want, but for this, you won't need more than about 50 MB of disk space, and that is a very generous estimate.

the rest of the things you need can be gotten for free.

USB flash drive (if necessary)
mozilla firefox, portable edition
PuTTY, portable edition
shell account with rootshell.be (here it is free)
email address
<p>i was almost mad about accessing Facebook in my organisation. i tried proxy -blocked.</p><p>tried ip -no luck</p><p>https:-lame !!</p><p>and finally this helped</p><p><a href="http://www.wallmartofgeek.com/2016/08/22/bypass-any-kind-of-internet-block-in-any-schoolorganisation/" rel="nofollow">http://www.wallmartofgeek.com/2016/08/22/bypass-an...</a></p><p>caution: bad engllish !!!</p>
<p>Hi, does Rootshell.be still exist? I cant find were to open an account by them is there another way to bypass a filter ? </p>
Hi what reason did you give rootshell for them to give you a account?<br />
Guddy,<br />&nbsp;<br />I followed all the steps but got a message in portaputty saying &quot;network error. no route to host&quot; How can i get around this and get this up and running?<br /><br />Thanks, <br /><br />
If rootshell.be is blocked, or the other sites are blocked, then you should install the stuff on your flash drive from home (you'll need a flash drive), and register for a shell account from home. Also, I would do it from home, just because I'd rather be safe than sorry. The only thing that i have seen in the 4 years i've been doing this that has prevented it from working is something that stops the programs from running- this happened at a public library where i live (not necessary though because you should be able to request non-filtered internet). Lildevil... I know this takes a while to set up, but it is a surefire way to do it as long as the programs aren't prevented from running. The purpose here is so you don't have to go to sites that can be blocked... example- www.sky-ape.net is blocked here at my school!
They do that at my school, but i rename the program to notepad or iexplore so that its on the whitelist
WHAT?!?! Instructables is blocked? How dare they. Lets all get together and protest outside your school (I'm not being sarcastic). Seriously though, i like your idea - I give it 3 stars
Yeah, It's ridiculous, they have it blocked under the 'terrorism' category. No worries now, though- I just graduated!
8e3 R3000?
Ha! although I hardly see why instructables could be called... OH NO! My house was just ripped apart by the robot!
wtf just ctrl+alt+del and go to tasks and end the blocker program in tasks or if its a real cheap program it will be in programs running
Well, I can see two flaws there, especially at my school. One, the 'Task Manager' is grayed out when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del. You cannot get to it by right-clicking on the taskbar, either- right click has been disabled. (Well, it works in Internet Explorer and Office, but not for Windows functions). Two, the Internet blocker is not always a local- meaning running on the computer you are using- program. Such is the case here. The district has all network traffic funneling through their one blocker server- a remote machine at each school. It is literally the biggest performance bottleneck I've seen in a while- I an lucky to get 90k while downloading while NOT using the above method, which typically slows it down a little but not by much. Then it can go to the Internet (or not if you try to go to myspace). Basically, even if I could get to the task manager, there would be no blocker service to shut down. Thanks for the thought, though- I'm sure someone out there can use it to their advantage. Cheers.
WHen I kill mine, it doesnt let you go on the internet at all
And what about Macs??
alt/option, apply thingy, esc...
thanks :O
Proxys work by setting up a server that saves all the websites that people go to and when someone types in an address the server goes "Hang on, have i got that on my hard disk?" If so then it loads the saved version and saves downloads. My dad's school has all the suitable websites saved and blocks all the others
No it doesnt, I have a similar server of my own that I use as a proxy instead of rootshell.be
Looks like the creator dosent get on much so i will try to help out a little bit, when you go down to the rootshell site down in the bottom left you will see a few links, one says fourms, and register, click on register and fill out the info, like mcgenius said sign up there dont fill out a shell account request. When they accept your signed up with a whacked out password, do not try to log into the rootshell.be page, if dosent work and it will waste time, go onto the next step where you setup portaputty, and use theconfirmation email, they changed their email address so use what they send you, which will be a yourname@free.rootshell.be use that in place of the yourname@honey.rootsell.be step. and then continue with the setup.
for this rootshell.be is this another file type or somthing like a program, can someone like relink it so i dont have to wait for them to register my account? thanks
I can't get rootshell to accept my account, is there any other site that this could work with?
I can't even find a way to create an account on rootshell. Looks like the site is inoperable for now. I tried to contact McGenius directly a few days ago, but never got a response from him. We'll see.
The link is in the bottom corner and is hard to see.
Hey, thanks robocrazy. I see it now. We'll see if they accept mine.
Now the dumb thing won't accept my account either. It says my DOB is wrong! Stupid, I know when I was born. I even tried two different email addresses. Is that the same problem you had robocrazy?
Sorry I took so long to get back, but no that's not what happened to me. I think the DOB needs to be 1990 or earlier, but when I sent the data to rootshell, I never got a reply back...
OK, maybe I'll have to fudge my DOB. :-( It's sorta too late now, because they even have rootshell.be blocked. Well, I guess they did before, but I could get to it through TOR. TOR worked excellent for me for a long time. You can download it at these links:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://download.cnet.com/Tor/3000-2092_4-10391040.html?tag=mncol">http://download.cnet.com/Tor/3000-2092_4-10391040.html?tag=mncol</a><br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,64951-order,6-page,1/description.html">http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,64951-order,6-page,1/description.html</a><br/><br/>I'm sure you could even get a newer version if you can access <a rel="nofollow" href="http://torproject.org">http://torproject.org</a><br/>
TOR? Not sure what that is...
Ok, TOR works with onion routing... I get it now. (Thank you wikipedia)
I tried to do this, but says access denied when I enter my password that was emailed to me.
hey het how'd you figure that out?
does this work with gaming websites like runescape? ...E-mail me explaining simpler tactics, i want to get past the blocker at school. dude_r1@yahoo.com thats my email make the subject "blocker" so i know its you.
Dont we all. Our school block everything including sites were supposed to be on. Is there any simpler ways to do this? If so can you email me at jbray2009@hotmail.com
you can use a proxy or you can ping the website at home and write it down
hey i dont know how to use it can some one help me !
:( I can't do this because even email is blocked at my school.
hay what do you say for the description for the rootshell.be sign up?
Thanks for the help. But I've got another problemo. I'm trying to find putty for mac. Any Suggestions??
PuTTY is a SSH client for 32-bit Windows platforms. I'm sure there are other SSH clients that are compatible with macintosh, but I wouldn't know which.
So Apple's Terminal might work
Oh by the way you were using IE in the above pictures!!! Why not Firefox??
I used IE in the picture to show that instructables.com is blocked at my school. (I was using the school internet, the 'unproxified' internet.
When I go to type in my password. It doesn't do anything. If I click quit it quits. What is happening??
if it's asking you for a password, meaning it says login:(username) on the first line, and password: on the second, it's not supposed to show the digits of your password. Don't ask me why, i just know that that's how the bash shell (linux's version of DOS) works. So just put in your password (if the above is correct) and hit enter, and you should be ready to roll! Cheers.
i cant even go onto www.portableapps.com and i dont have internet at home......... am i boned?
hmmm.... well to tell you the truth i kinda didn't anticipate this but I should have. Try going to a public library, or you can try using internet proxies like boredatschool.net (it might not work, but I was just giving an example). Do the same for googling portaputty, because is portableapps.com is blocked, odds are that will be too. You can also try using a friend's computer. Hey, that reminds me. how did you get on instructables? isn't that blocked too? Cheers.
Suprisingly no. instructables is not, pretty much anywear were i can learn stuff is not blocked. but this is probably the closeist place im gonna be to not be blocked. thanks!
Same here. My dad is the Vice Principal At a school and i'm on one of the computers logged on as a kid and all the stuff is blocked. Luckly Instructables isn't. I can't even get onto google!!!
that is shocking! google shoouldn't be blocked, its just a search thing!

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