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this purse is knit on size US8 and US10 1/2 straight needles. it is pretty challenging for your first cable project, but great once you get used to the pattern. i used patons canadiana for the beige bag and patons wool for the blue one. i also used oval bamboo handles for both.


djs1997 (author)2008-02-11

pretty bag, can I have the pattern? My e-mail is

Did you receive the pattern for the cabled bag? I would like it also.

jacqueline Bouffard (author)2009-04-30

Where do I get the pattern for the cabled bag?

tanabug (author)2008-09-19

Your bag is sooo cute:)

T3hpw9ag3 (author)2008-01-12

23 posts in a day on making some bags, and i believe this website is called instructables not showables, if your going to post please at least put instructions on it. This does the instructables community no good if there is not any instructions.

deadalchemist (author)T3hpw9ag3 2008-01-14

she followed the directions for the contest and slideshow, so I do not see where there is a problem. This contest is all about show. Lovely bag bacone, the cables are stunning!

bacone (author)deadalchemist2008-01-25

thanks so much! it was my first cable project ever!

bacone (author)T3hpw9ag3 2008-01-25

sorry, i was just following the contest rules. it didn't say to post instructions, so i just posted slideshows and info on the needles and yarn i used.

ewilhelm (author)T3hpw9ag3 2008-01-12

These are Slideshows, and are completely appropriate. Please read:

GrammaCindy (author)2008-01-20

Great bag! Awesome cables too.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-12

Good job, great use of the cable pattern, its one of my favorites.

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