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I found a recipe for cake mix cookies on one of those "10 DIY Food Hacks YOU NEED RIGHT NOW" lists and it just sounded to good to be true. Cookies in 20 minutes? I just didn't know about that.

But it works. I made cake mix cookies at home and then again in the Test Kitchen because I was so impressed with them. They're really good - especially the chocolate ones! The texture is great - they're not as dense as normal cookies, and the middles are nice and soft.

One box of cake mix is enough to make 24 cookies - enough to satisfy even the strongest of sweet tooths. :D

Step 1: Ingredients:

Picture of Ingredients:

∆ 1/2 cup vegetable oil
∆ 2 eggs
∆ one 15 oz box cake mix

And that's it! Super easy.

For maximum convenience, I recommend using 2 baking pans so you can cook them all at one time. :D

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redhotmama7 made it!1 month ago
I used key lime cake mix and added dried cranberries... the kids went wild! Can't wait to try more combinations! Hint: for fluffier, more cake-like cookies, substitute applesauce for the vegetable oil!
thedoctorboy made it!4 months ago
I made funfetti ones! I love how they turned out!
Momalu0634 months ago

Super fast and easy to do with my granddaughter! We made chocolate ones today but the possibilities seem endless!

Its Easter this week and I have a 1 year old whom is allergic to nuts & Dairy. Silly me left it to the last minute as I thought the health works would have dairy and nut free cooking chocolate which they did not.
So I left the store with a marble cake mix and a chocolate brownie mix.
He is only 15 months so I dont want to load him with chocolate specially for the first time so my thoughts were with the marble cake mix use my cake pop maker to make them and share them with my older two children decorate them as bunnys perhaps?.
Now the chocolate brownie mix, is it possible without wreaking them to chuck some popping candy, jelly beans fizzies and divide them into my chocolate Easter molds?

Kept looking for a recipe for my 15oz box and finally happened to find this. Decided to give it a try and thank you so much! Definitely gonna make them again :)

i used triple chocolate fudge cake mix & after they cooled i frosted them with chocolate fudge icing 2nd batch i stirred in small bag plain m&m's to mix & sprinkled iced cookies with a little shredded coconut (nice contrast) and very yummy-possibilities are endless-share your results & ideas, too!!

jamie.dalcero8 months ago

I made these for the holidays, used a butter yellow cake mix and put a hershey kiss on each one.

Zelysiya8 months ago

I made these today but won't be able to find out what they taste like until tomorrow. I used fudge marble and yellow cake mix.

PamelaC28 months ago

The kids love these. I will definitely make these again.

JoshuasMommy30 made it!8 months ago

I made some vanilla ones and added a Hershey kiss in the middle and Devils food ones with peanut butter chips,,, both tasted delicious. Mine came out thicker and more cake like than yours. Idk what the difference was.

carolinegodin8 months ago

I second the lemon cake ... I grated in some fresh lemon zest, squeezed in the juice from the lemon, and put some sliced almonds on top and they seem very fancy and were well received.

HeathCarlson2009 made it!9 months ago
I love them and they cook really easy and I like them.


tdegroodt1 year ago

Made them with Red Velvet Betty Crocker cake mix. I added some white chocolate chips and they turned out PERFECT. I only put them in the oven for ten minutes though, and they came out perfectly moist and delicious.

cledesma2 made it!1 year ago

I just finished. Making them and there awesome


Gotta try this with a box of brownie mix... It might maximize the chewy piece-off-the-edge-of-the-pan effect. :)

Try making brownies in a mini-cupcake pan. Every piece is an edge piece! Mmm!

Let us know how the brownie mix works, please.

HollyMann1 year ago

these looks SOOOO delicious - the main picture is insane! I love it!

I love the idea of these! So easy! Wishing I could make them right now!!!


GinsHouse1 year ago

let's try these

moonpuppy1 year ago

I keep forgetting these! I had a box of scary no-name spice cake mix and a can of canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix). I didn't use any eggs or oil. Just mixed the pumpkin and the spice cake mix and voila! Pumpkin Spice Cookies. Om nom nom.

mazzmn made it!1 year ago

Ok, this was awesome! (And now we need an I Ate This! Button :) )
Great job on this instructable the pictures are beautiful and the descriptions matched my experience exactly.

I went to make these cookies and all I had was store brand "Spice Cake" in the pantry...ugh..but to my surprise they turned out great!

I needed the tip on the tablespoon (didn't use one on the last batch of cookies I made). I was hesitant to do this on untreated cookie sheets, but worked out fine. Also the cookies did seem almost under-cooked when I took them out but they did firm up nicely.

Not as uniform as yours but it's all about the taste...I'm gonna share with my FIRST league Robot students tonight!

mcdonaldmk1 year ago

Try lemon cake mix, they always get rave reviews. These are my go to cookies when I need some fast.

I object to your measurement standard for cookie size; one TBS size cookies are a tease. Cookies should be people size. I use an ice cream scoop to measure cookie dough. Nothing like people size cookies. A lesson I learned from MOM.

My mom showed me this recipe a year or so ago, and now I keep a few boxes of cake mix in the pantry for whenever I'm craving cookies! It's also great to add in a cup of mix-ins to your batch; chopped nuts or M&Ms work great. I'm a big fan of making Funfetti or chocolate cookies with cherry chips, or chocolate cookies with caramel chips! I should have photos somewhere; if not, I'll make a batch soon!

JanFran1 year ago

I love these! My favorite uses spice cake mix, 1/4 c oil, 1/4 c molasses, 2 eggs, and a tsp of ginger (or cinnamon, if you prefer).

riff raff1 year ago

Gonna try these tonight on my birthday! :thumbs-up:

scrisman1 year ago
Omg they r so good, I made a Pecan one .. Yummy

These were tasty.

Source: my belly

Penolopy Bulnick made it!1 year ago

They didn't turn out amazing like yours, but I did it!

fshowell11 year ago
you have saved my life! thanks so much for this recipe!!!
talking to a man who loves cookies.... if wife wont make them i think easy enough for me to make..
polarstar1 year ago

Thanks for this recipe, I had forgotten about these! The chocolate ones are nice made into a sandwich cookie with cream cheese icing....yummy.

We just made these the other day! My grandma used to make them the exact same but she homemade the batter

This is such a smart recipe! They look soooooo good!!

joey561 year ago
hunter9991 year ago

Wow, they look great!

These look so delicious!!!

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