this is the famed ray gun from call of duty. i made this in my spare time and it toke around 3 days to make but looks pretty realistic.

material: small switch, taplight, milk handles, pvc pipe, cheep remote for a car, 12volt battery thing that goes on top of the metal parts, card board, hot glue and glue gun, and miscelaneous things.

this is a cool project and alot of fun to make, enjoy :)

Step 1: The Layout

to start out you have to get all of your materials. print out the raygun pic and figure out what needs to go where. take your tap light and take of the covers and set the other things from the in side aside. this will be the back as you can see.

next take the controller and see how big a hole you need to cut out from the cover, cut it out when you have the lines. when done with the cut out tape the two tap light covers together and connect them to the controller with the hot glue. like in the picture glue around the seams of the tap lights and take the tap off as you go around.
can you make a ray gun mark two or any other guns for instance maybe the thunder gun or paralizer
Can I buy one of you
i'd very much like it if you make an thunder gun and post it on insructibles thanx <br>
u got some immaganation what you play on if ps3 we should play my online name is rhyskyle (no caps no spaces ) I've got ray gun every time use ur first pistol and when u get the m box shoot the top left corner 7 TIMES NOT 8 good luck!!
Do we actually get to see the finished project?
Is it easy to make?<br>cause it seems cool making it
Oh and for me it was pretty easy to make but not sure how it will be with these &quot;instructions&quot; for a tip, I looked at a picture of the gun and drew a sketch and wrote what each piece looked like to see what I needed and started from a central area such as the back of it as in this case. Hope this sorta helped and good luck, unless I'm way late as usual then I hoped you completed it :D
Wow I'm terrible at messaging back but I did forget my password for awhile, anyway I have been working on the winters howl and the wonderwaffle. I'm glad to see that people have been inspired to make their own :D. So far all of my plans for things have been stirred and failed but I will try and gEt something done some time. Wow this is a long comment :/ thanks again.
this instructable inspired me to build my own out of camp pad, cardboard, and duct tape. I may post it later<br>
nice can u do a thundergun or any other guns
Thank you on the comments, one place I would go to for parts and electronics would be my favorite store American science surplus store, the website is sciplus.com, check it out. I definitely helps for any prop making enthusiast.
very good, looking for something to make the wonderwaffle with.
great build! im working on a monkey bomb right now im looking for good reference pics. know any?<br>and do you have COD black-ops for Xbox 360?<br>my gamer-tag Collinzs
wow looks amazing and nazi zombies and it in little resistance are amazing with it. dude if u add LEDS and sounds it would be a lot better.<br /> simply amazing!!<br />

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