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I tend to lose my camera lens cover. I hate losing it. It's just that I sometimes don't have pockets. So I made a camera strap cover with two pockets that fits my lens cover perfectly. I can also slide my extra memory cards or whatever i need in the pockets. And I can easily tell my camera apart from so many other Canon cameras out there. 

Step 1: Supplies

Scrap fabric at least 70 inches long
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Your camera strap for measurements
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! I love taking photographs while my family and I are out and about but hate the boring old black strap that comes with it. Now I have hope for the future of my family vacation photo taking! Thank you sooo much for this 'ible! 5 Stars!
thank you so much for this tutorial!! I made one and i LOVE it!
this is awesome!! and i love the fabric that you used.
Lovely and just what I needed. Thanks for solving my "STEAL ME" Nikon-branded strap problem. I think I will add flaps to close the pockets, with either velcro or snaps, because if you put memory cards in them and pick the camera up with the strap hanging down, the pockets will have their openings pointing down, and little things could slip out.
This is great! I find that my camera strap is rather scratchy, so it'll be great to cover it with something non-irritating *and* have pockets for extra batteries. Thanks for posting this Instructable!

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