Camoflage Bb Gun Paint Job W/ Silencer





Introduction: Camoflage Bb Gun Paint Job W/ Silencer

it is self explanatory.



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haha, isn't that a laptop sling?

lol i got this same sniper too.

Omg this is sexxy omg dude can yu plz help me make a silencer for my 760 i am begging yu plzz

Man, that is one modded up 760! I really did a double take, i didn't recognize it at first! Good job! I love the extra BB "magazine" reminds me of the M14 EBR

Is your gun plastic or metal?

P.S. How did you attach the flashlight?

i installed ris mounts on the sides. it is plastic with some metal pieces: the barrel, some of the internals,etc.

This is VERY beautiful airsoft gun, I myself am more into the grassy ghille style so I have grass design on mine with a bit of grass on it. Like I said, This must have taken some time!

 A few suggestions:

The silencer was nice, but you removed the irons!  This seems very bothersome to someone like me who is a gun enthusiast haha.  
Also, it looks somewhat disproportionate that the black stock of the Pumpmaster aims downward, yet your M4 stock is parallel to the rest of the rifle.  If you could add a pistol grip or remove part of the 760 stock altogether and increase barrel length, it would look really nice.

That aside, your rifle looks very nice.

 the barrel was sawed off when i got it so i only had the rear sight. so i took it off. i couldn't have modded the barrel if i didn't

im usually never impressed by much, but i must say, you are very creative i would have never thought of that