it is self explanatory.
haha, isn't that a laptop sling?
lol i got this same sniper too.
Omg this is sexxy omg dude can yu plz help me make a silencer for my 760 i am begging yu plzz
Man, that is one modded up 760! I really did a double take, i didn't recognize it at first! Good job! I love the extra BB "magazine" reminds me of the M14 EBR
Is your gun plastic or metal? <br> <br>P.S. How did you attach the flashlight?
i installed ris mounts on the sides. it is plastic with some metal pieces: the barrel, some of the internals,etc.
This is VERY beautiful airsoft gun, I myself am more into the grassy ghille style so I have grass design on mine with a bit of grass on it. Like I said, This must have taken some time!
&nbsp;A few suggestions:<br /> <br /> The silencer was nice, but you removed the irons! &nbsp;This seems very bothersome to someone like me who is a gun enthusiast haha. &nbsp;<br /> Also, it looks somewhat disproportionate that the black stock of the Pumpmaster aims downward, yet your M4 stock is parallel to the rest of the rifle. &nbsp;If you could add a pistol grip or remove part of the 760 stock altogether and increase barrel length, it would look really nice.<br /> <br /> That aside, your rifle looks very nice.<br />
&nbsp;the barrel was sawed off when i got it so i only had the rear sight. so i took it off. i couldn't have modded the barrel if i didn't
im usually never impressed by much, but i must say, you are very creative i would have never thought of that<br /> <br />
how did you make the silencer<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
what is your silencer made of? some metal pipe or pvc?
a modified plastic airsoft silencer.
ok, well it looks like its a standard crossman pump action bb gun. is that right? if i am right, then it looks like you cut off the stock and replaced it with your own invention, very cool!
it was my uncle's old gun when he was a kid. he cut the barrel and the stock off of it. the barrel is covered with pvc.

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