Introduction: Can Tab Chain Body Armour

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grade 2 aluminum can tab armour.
Strong and easy to make, but takes a while to make.

Step 1: Materials

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for this you will need

- a lot of copper wiring

- needle nose pliers

- wire cutters (unless the pliers come with wire cutters)

- and a couple hundred can tabs

Step 2: Stringing the Tab Chains Together

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cut a little wire and have two tabs ready. Make a u with the wire and slide it into one end of one tab. Make sure that you do both holes, and that it is the same kind of hole.

Step 3: Bonus

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i took apart a vacuum cleaner to get the copper wiring and theese metal squares you can see in the finished product. Mine is a plate chain hybrid. But other things you can do are make capes, gloves, whatever. (I'm still working on the gloves.)


Kosmicon (author)2009-11-05

Ok, 2 Points to make here.
          1: This takes waaaaay too long! Im having a hard time gitting all the tabs, and not to mention being bored outta my mind wile weaving.
           2: Has anyone ever thought of smashing cans into a flat plate like thing, and hooking them together with Duct tape? I think its worth looking into...  :D

knoxarama (author)Kosmicon2009-11-06

smashing them and then holding them with duct tape? if i'm thinking what what your saying, it probably won't work well. But i don't know. If you could post a picture of a sample of your idea maybe?

Kosmicon (author)knoxarama2009-11-09

Smash a can flat Long wise, so its not just a flat circle. Put a few strips of ductape on it so it covers both sides and cover your whole body with it. then u will see what it is, and how well it works! THANKS

trevor3693 (author)Kosmicon2010-03-20

that would be really cool if u put da colored side so people can see it.

curvy77 (author)trevor36932012-09-19

its possible to do it with out the need for duct tape, however is time consuming

and requires a good heat source (about half way to melting aluminum).

however if u just want to smash and use duct tape to hold, smash cans into

the desired shape, get duct tape and fold unto itself and attatch to cans and to

clothing. i have done this before though not with a full body project. (got side

tracked and started something else, lol) remember DO NOT make a helmet this way. it will hurt upon removal

ChaseyWasey11 (author)2009-09-19

this is how big I make my rings compared to a dime

Links that small... are you a madman? (LOL)  My first chainmaill project I used rings that size... to make a hauberk.  After six months I vowed "never again".  To be honest i still use links that size, but only when making jewelery or making Japanese weaves.

knoxarama (author)ChaseyWasey112009-09-20

those are pretty good.

ChaseyWasey11 (author)knoxarama2009-09-20

I used my camera phone to take the picture. I need to get a real camera so I can show you guys what the coloration of the two different types of ring are like. The coat hangers I put through an electric wire brush thats on my stationary grinder, then I hand crank the coils because the metal is so thick. I tried using a drill on the coat hanger and it didn't go over too well. I then slide the coils on a peace of rod after bending the ends tight so they are tight fitting on the rod and then proceed to cut them with my dremel tool very slowly about half way through. I cut them half way through and then bend them off the could snapping them right off of there and making a very nice butted together ring.

I meant to say bend them off the coil snapping them right off

NIJU! (author)2009-11-12 why dont you make it like this. (link above) i made a 14cm by 11cm peice in half an hour without any skills here is a pic 

knoxarama (author)NIJU!2009-11-12

i started making it like that but i never made an instructable for it. I was about to when i saw there was a widely advertised version of the one i was making, so i never bothered.

NIJU! (author)knoxarama2009-11-12

 oh yea and this way is very scratchy so i sowed it onto the top of some gloves and now it looks awsome. cant send a pic because i gave it away as a birthday present.
lol $56 of pepsi

NIJU! (author)knoxarama2009-11-12

 well this one still looks beter even if when you dont make it big enough it has a tendancy to disconect link by link but if you make it big enough that doesent hapen

moosofa (author)2009-09-26

it looks very scratchy... and probably hurts when you move your hand around... have you thought about lining the inside? maybe with duct tape or a thin glove or a thin cotton?

knoxarama (author)moosofa2009-09-27

it isn't really meant for hand use except for covering the back where it doesn't move much, but putting it on a glove, fingerless preferably, would be best.

ChaseyWasey11 (author)2009-09-20

The bottom ring is coat hanger and the top ring is galvanized. Both rings seem to be similar in thickness other than the fact that the coat hanger wire is stronger and a slight bit more thicker. The galvanized wire I use is 14 gauge being harder to work with but much more stronger than 16 gauge.

ChaseyWasey11 (author)2009-09-19

hope this is just for looks because mah knives would go right through this. Why not use metal coat hangers, make a mandrel, make ring coils, and cut your own rings? If your going to make chainmail you might as well make it good and make it worth your time. This would be good for costumes only.

knoxarama (author)ChaseyWasey112009-09-19

i've been making real 4 in 1 with 16 guage galvanized steel wire. The rings are big, about 1 inch in diameter, but its worth the time. tried coat hangers though, not worth the time. they don't work so well.

ChaseyWasey11 (author)2009-09-19

4 in 1 chainmail is not hard to repair, doesn't cost that much if you know where to find ur materials, and is more effective than soda tabs. Soda tabs are lighter but as far as that knife going through it ur better off with real chainmail. I know no ones going to knife you any time soon but when I think of chainmail I think of the real thing being better.

knoxarama (author)ChaseyWasey112009-09-19

yeah, but this is mostly for show, like costumes. i don't really see anybody trying to kill eachother in pop tabs.

PastTheVoid (author)2009-06-18

OOH, Black Sabbath...

knoxarama (author)PastTheVoid2009-06-19

those others were never considered metal. also, the way they describe the music is off. it sounds to me like they just want to debunk them. zepplin, stones, etc. were rock. i've heard them all, and none of them sounded at all like metal, heavy, or not heavy. either way, black sabbath was the father of heavy metal, and the original metal band, as proclaimed in 1970, but have been playing it since 1969.

PastTheVoid (author)knoxarama2009-06-24

What are you trying to prove?

knoxarama (author)PastTheVoid2009-06-25

i was just answering your statement.

dunnos (author)2009-06-23

how did you get so much tabs? nice ible

knoxarama (author)dunnos2009-06-24

people drink alot around here, so tabs are easy to get. it takes awhile even then. but its tabbish so its worth it.

soullessperson (author)2009-02-21

ha, i hacked into soulessperson's acount. The knox lives! muahahahaha

knoxarama (author)soullessperson2009-06-05

hi me.

o123 (author)2009-06-05


minerug (author)2009-04-30

I have finally got around to making my own version of this click here to see the intructable

knoxarama (author)minerug2009-05-01

it's well made. i'm impressed. I haven't gotten around to updating mine so it's a bit behind.

minerug (author)knoxarama2009-05-02

Thanks for the nice comment =)<br/>

thedog458 (author)2009-01-29

that is amazing 10 out of 10 like you said its easy to repair very cool im gona start geting lods of those littel tabs now.

sageserver (author)2008-09-14

Use european 4 in 1 chain mail. its stronger than yours. i also did the same thing but i did it the scale mail way, not the chain mail way.

knoxarama (author)sageserver2008-11-02

also, 4 in one is harder and more expensive to make then mine, and harder to repair.

knoxarama (author)sageserver2008-09-26

i'm also making chainmail out of wiring cut into rings and clamped together, but i can't post it since i dont have a camera anymore

knoxarama (author)2008-10-26

how to count in binaryalso look for my other instructables

BuffaloNickel (author)2008-10-17

doesn't exactly hav a system, does it?

knoxarama (author)BuffaloNickel2008-10-18

what are you talking about?

knoxarama (author)2008-10-04

i am making better chainmaille with steel chains, but it is expensive and i don't have a camera to post with. Although the expense isn't going to stop me from buying the stuff or making it.

jkm (author)2008-09-15

Both previous comments could be a bit easier on the imperative! I think this is a great way to make " chainmail", maybe as a children's project. As long as I don't send out my 4-year old to battle vikings, I think we can spare the expense of a proper 4 in 1 mailcoat! Anyway, I'll start saving on the tabs. Oh, and mail gloves are usually open, or leather on the "palmside". Gets to awkward holding weapons otherwise.

knoxarama (author)jkm2008-09-25

oh, also, the copper wiring ends may be a bit uncomfortable, so either bend the edges down or use light wiring, which i prefer, since it is quick to getting used to and isn't that uncomforable, espacially if he or she is wearing normal clothing under it.

knoxarama (author)jkm2008-09-19

i know, i'm editing the gloves to have no tabs under the joinst of the fingersso to move fingers frely and enhance grip.

TheWelfareWarrior (author)2008-09-14

Don't use the flash, it washes out your pictures, do it again.

i didn't use flash, it was just bad lighting

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