How to make a cane with just a few things. reuse fallen branches to make a display cane, instead of burning it and sending the smoke into the air.

Step 1: Getting the Branch

wood burning tool
clear wire
fallen branch

find a good size branch in the woods or in your backyard that has fallen. Cut to the size you need, with the saw.
I really like the cane you made, It reminds me of living back in the hills where everything isnt for public approval.<br /> <br /> I noticed that you place the handle in an upright position, Rather than installing a horizontal handle.<br /> <br /> I was wondering if the cane would still be made to 44 inches length, If you were going to install a horizontal handle, Because your handle is actually a few inches from the top of the cane.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Im working on a cane made from a Birchwood limb, And one of the branches actually forms a nice handle, So I was curious if the length of it would remain the same when not using a vertical handle.<br /> <br /> <br />

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