1kj capacitor bank vs. a coke can
<p>what is the part number on the capacitor?</p>
what volts are they rated <br>
are those caps those 5 dollar ones from bg micro, i got 8 of em &gt;=D. barely have done anything with them yet though <br />
&nbsp;=D there fun... be carefull
how many uf?<br />
&nbsp;2400uF each 9600 uF total
have a look at what ive done with my 8 pack, finally used em a bit <br /> <br /> https://www.instructables.com/community/High-Energy-shenanigans/<br />
&nbsp;looks like fun... i should try some of that. you need a fancy box though and the plasma globe looks&nbsp;pretty&nbsp;high current if so be careful

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