Capacitor Pistol





Introduction: Capacitor Pistol

this is my first attempt at steampunk so go easy on me



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    you should mod this into a coilgun


    OK I am sorry first of all. I will, and am trying to go easy. Unfortunately your pics are very blurry, and I am at a loss as to whether this is a working model or mockup. From what I can see it is a working model, and if it is Kudos to you I am somewhat impressed, considering my first capacitor gun went BZZZT and exploded. BUT, we need better pictures and a real Instructable on how you built or were you got your plans from. After that you can work on the steampunkiness of it. Again not to be mean but this would be more dieselpunk right now. I would refer you to the Brass goggles forum for more info on the steamy nature of things. As it stands right now there is way to much tape and vagueness to see anything of credit, not a failure for a first attempt but the first rule of diy is to build and you have that down. So again bully for you, now more brass and less tape , maybe look into pipe clamps and brazing and soldering and wood base. You get the idea. Please don't think I am being harsh, heaven knows I have only one 'ible here but I build good stuff and just don't post it. So please continue building and let me know of the enhancements as it goes.

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    one problem..... the gun is gone :P needed parts

    model thoes leads at the end and the gapper makesa big spark thanks ill work on it

    charge the cap and pull the trigger and it makes big sparks