this is a upgrade of my previous instructabel it will show you how to build a capacitor bank  and use it to make safe sparks. for more details on this project and more please visit my website http://www.ljlabs.co.za and click on projects

or send me a email with any quires to jordaan0@gmail.com

this isnt a plasma cutter-that is a jet of ionised gas heated by an arc that fires through a nozzle into the metal not just an arc between the metal and the electrode in your case a crocodile clip.
can you 'trickle' charge a capacitor? <br> <br>I understand that a capacitor must be charge by the same voltage that the capacitor can hold before the plates reject incoming. I.e. - a 9v battery can charge a capacitor to 9volts. No more no less. <br> <br>There is though, no mention of amperage. Can you trickle charge a capacitor at 9volts, but 0.001amps, and over time, achieve a fully charged capacitor capable of discharging 9v worth of energy at one amp? Or is there a pre-determined 'amp' rating that capacitors must be charged at? <br> <br>Thanks.
I like your works on capacitors, this is something really big that could take advantage over the batteries, like, using capacitors instead of acid lead batteries to operate golf carts. I have a question, how you determ how many amps the capacitor can hold on?, I mean, like 1.5V has 1A of capacity of current, what would be the same values for a capacitor?. Greetings!

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