This is a very simple and not that powerful gun made from a capri sun and some tape.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1.capri sun

2.scotch tape

Step 2: Build

First, drink the capri sun. Then, blow the capri sun up with air through the straw. Finally, take a small amount of tape and tape the end of the straw.

Step 3: Firing

Take it outside and jump on it. Or you can take a sewing needle and tape it to the end of the straw.
hi! i actually made one just like this at school. i had a rubberband and an empty capri-sun. i shot it by squeezing hard. verryyyyyy nearly got caught :p!!!
you can kill a dog with it?
wow he said lazy not dead btw nice dog
:\<br/><br/>/sarcasm<br/>*disappointment* <br/>
no<br/><strong>it's not powerfull</strong><br/>
whats wrong with american things americans own
LOL these are so fun to make. I used to do this whenever I got a capri sun. You can't always find scotch tape though; you can improvise with random pieces of food.
This is ok but it would be better if it could shoot farther
It really is a simple air-compressor gun so with more pressure to stand you could do feasible damage to peoples ankles.
nice stand
at school (the only place i could think you would need this) you could stab some food (preferibly hard like a carrot or apple) then shoot it, it might work better I'll try tomorow and post back

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