Caprisun Stomp Rockets


Introduction: Caprisun Stomp Rockets

Step 1: Materials

feet and caprisun

Step 2: Drink

drink and then blow up the pouch

Step 3: Almost There

set on a hard surface

Step 4: Stomp

stomp on it. this should send straw flying 10-20 feet depnding how hard you stomp it

Step 5: Video



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    12 Discussions

    When i saw this, i was thinking it would be about making a small rocket to go onto the straw or something.

    1 reply

    Dude, if you don't respect the damned pouch, you're going to turn into a walking pun (depending on your name and place of offense to pouch).

    if ya fill one end of the straw wit blu tack it goes further