Step 3: Know your engine space

Picture of know your engine space
Each car is a little different under the hood. The best areas to cook food are places that get very hot, like the engine manifold and the muffler. When locating your food wraps, make sure that they won't interfere with the operation of the engine and are not located in a place where they may damage your car if they come loose.

For this Nissan model several wrapped packages could easily be placed around the engine in secure locations (indicated by the white arrows), there was a prime spot located to the side of the engine, but was not suitable because of a belt placement (indicated my the arrow with a red 'x' in it).

Examine your engine compartment carefully before placing any foil-wrapped food. It might be a good idea to turn your engine on and see the moving parts prior to placement, just to be sure. As always, be safe when operating engine with the hood open and never place your hands or fingers inside the engine compartment while the car engine is running.