Step 6: Drive, then dine!

Picture of drive, then dine!
With your food secured it's time to drive!

Drive as normal, check on your food after about 30 minutes of driving to ensure they are still secure. Check again after an hour to check how well cooked the food is. My thinly sliced steak took over 2 hours to cook through, the veggies slightly longer (since they weren't cut thin enough).

When your food is all done, cut from the zip-ties and unwrap contents. Careful, they're going to be hot!
Pour contents onto your plate and dine, roadside!

Enjoy your motorized meal!

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Heavy equipment operators do this all the time. Even the common labor guys put their meals on the engines. There is plenty of room for a small feast on those large engines :)
BgAgLe101.53 years ago
How long did your grilled cheese sandwiches take?
this is really cool but I dont wanna jack up my Camaro
ginger200373 years ago
I'm gonna have to do some searching for hot spots on the Prius, or start driving the truck xD Although both vehicles are dark grey, which would probably help with the hot spots... got me thinking now lol
Neat Idea Man... I do regular Long Rides, and Road Trips. and this will definitely come in handy.. I think it might be even better to fashion a kind of metal box to hold the food stuff. and as far as electrocuting the food is, during rains, water keeps getting splashed up in the engine compartment majority of times, and dirty water is a good conductor, and still the car runs fine. so i guess that the foil / metal box will do no major harm...
onemoroni13 years ago
I had heard about this going back to the Model T era. I tried it once on a family trip to have a hot meal with the kids at a rest stop. I just bought the small cans of lunch size Hormel variety. I located them on top of the Caravan V6 engine where they wouldn't fall, but would be warmed up. After 300 miles we had a hot lunch.
funkymonkey3 years ago
Just be careful not placing anything on your muffler when crossing borders. Stuff wrapped in tinfoil on the underside of your care tends to raise suspicion ;-)
Imagine the looks on the large squad of cops with guns at the border when you show them its just grilled cheese sandviches. Perhaps strap enough to go around and give them a good lunch and a good laugh.

I remember a show years ago, I think it was malcom douglas, he was driving around broome Australia as he always did but he had some pies wrapped in foil baking on his exhaust mainfold. I thought that was the greatest idea ever but have never gotten around to it. Glad to see others have and include steak and 3 veg.

Nice instructable!

bpfh3 years ago
My Granddad used to bake potatoes this way, in England, 50 years ago, by putting potatoes in foil into his delivery truck engine, and would have a hot meal rather than a plain sarnie for Lunch.

I'm not sure about using zip ties around the exhaust muffler though...I'd prefer some wire.

On a final note, this method can be used for revenge, by "installing" a kipper or a Camembert cheese in one of these locations......
menahunie3 years ago
It gives a whole new meaning of "road Kill"..
Maybe the veggies but I would never do this with the meat; food poisoning..
As for the muffler placement; one puddle or running over something that may spray whatever under the car and your cheap charlie food prep is trash canned..
Another is sticking all that tin foil around the engine and high voltage from the spark plugs can leak and charge that "food" pack; not to mention killing a sensitive sensor or a computer control.
Not to mention the looks you would get from your girlfriend; wife and or passengers...
Me I just stop and get food
Simmons3 years ago
Was that highway or town driving? Because I am assuming highway driving average speed of 65 mph
agrodolce3 years ago
Man, we're about to go on a 10 hour road trip in a week or so, this might be perfect timing! I'll do some test runs with zip ties and foil-wrapped boxes to see how it goes. Excitement!