Car Protection With Snow Balls





Introduction: Car Protection With Snow Balls

after the snow roads get slippery and cars can accidentally crash into your parked car. if you have no intention  to use your car, by sorrounding your parked car with big snow balls you create a bumper that it will protect or at least reduce the damage.



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    10 Discussions

    Dash light modifying

    frozen snow balls + collision=enhanced damage LOL

    mmm so when the majority of the snow melts your car will be frozen in by huge blocks of ice?

    This is indeed a good idea, but would not it help to make rust under your car?

    1 reply

    Do you remove the snow balls before to go with your car? I think that a frozen snow ball on street is not the best thing to meet when you loose the control of your car, when is night ...

    1 reply

    " if you have no intention to use your car (while it is dangerous ti drive) ;-)"