Picture of car radio played in doors with out battery
this is how to use a car radio in doors with out a battery but a power supply from a computer
easy to do but im ((((((((not responsible for damage you have done)))))))))) 

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Step 1:

Picture of
Picture 002.jpg
Picture 003.jpg
Picture 001.jpg
the parts you will need is......
-car radio with wireset male end (in my case i solder and shrink rap mine to the radio but i sagest to use the wireset but it up to you) i used my old car radio
-computer power supply 300w ( you may need a more powerful one for newer radios)use this link to help mod it  thanks abizar
-speakers i used old tv speakers from a broken tv (sad part is there louder then my cars stock speakers)
  here a video of my radio of it working

Step 2:

Picture of
find out what each wire is to your radio here is a pdf of the Toyota wiring diagram
but go here to find the car yours may of came out of

Toyota-Wiring.pdf(612x792) 20 KB

Step 3:

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Picture 015.jpg
Picture 018.jpg
Picture 019.jpg
Picture 024.jpg
Picture 025.jpg
here are some pics of mine wired up and cased not much i can tell you about but go to the link in step2 also you may need a extra ground source like a screw on the case of the radio

Step 4:

wire it all up and crank it and enjoy
lemonie5 years ago
This seems to show something you've put together rather than how to actually put it together.
It would benefit from a spell check, only one instance of the video, the image in step 2 fixing, the text in step 3 cleaning up and pictures / diagrams that show (more clearly) how you wired it up.

lonemeno (author)  lemonie5 years ago
hows this i work on it the best i can

Thanks, I'm getting a better idea. Someone asked a question about exactly this sort of thing today - it's good to have answers to give people.

lonemeno (author) 5 years ago
well all car radios do differ from the others but the pdf show where i got mine at but i am working on getting more photos up when i make the case but thanks for pointing that out       ps the video shows that it was working